Monday, September 24, 2012

190th post (1st trip wif her)

Sorry everyone for the super long outdated blog of mine... was really busy.. and of cos priorities in life is different.. for the past year.. blogging wasn't one of those... haha!!! working and spending time with gf was! and i pick up a bit of photography.. which in due course.. and i hope not too long.. the quality of my pictures should improve ba.. haha!! anyway... this post is about the 1st overseas trip with hayley! it was close to 2 years back! ops!! haha!!! here goes...

people who went on this trip is me, hayley, jayley, my dad, my mom, jiaxi, sinyee (jx's gf), hayley's mom

the 1st photo here is my parents! i am having this new knack of making stupid gesture and faces in photos.. cos just normal smiling to too main stream la.. haha!!! a bit boring right? haha!!! and guess what! my dad copy!!!

 a normal photo taken at the request of my mom haha!!!
 haha!!! see the expression on my dad's face!! and jx.. haha!!
 the couple... 
 jiaqi wif her 斗鸡眼
 the couple again..
 time to check out my expression!!

the above photos are taken outside mushroom farm slightly downhill of genting
 if you all realise.. eh.. why no hayley? cos this lazy bum chose to sleep instead of joining us of dinner
 haha!!! a family photo before the girls go play the games!!
 my dad love the london bus behind.. haha!!! take a 恩爱恩爱 photo
 haha! tts me with the sisters... with hayley acting like a ninja
 sweet couple.. hoping for a sweet ending
 roller coaster!! haha! hayley's fav.. not mine.. haha!
 happy jq sitting in front of us!!! haha!!!
 i love this photo..
 jiaqi's version
 stupid expression me photo bombing the girls!!! haha!!!
 our turn for a 恩爱photo
 i think my dad outdo me in the funny expression.. well... he is the dad.. 
 ninja back from her little boat ride

parents went for richie ren's concert.. which the rest is not interested... haha! so didn't join...

the special thing about this trip is that.. i nv even step into the casino.. thou.. i kinda like gambling la... but.... hayley is not old enough... so...... didn't wanted to leave her alone... yups!!! a little short trip.. but great to have fun together... doesn't matter the place right? what matters is the person beside u...

sorry for the super overdue... dead blog.. 

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