Monday, June 6, 2011

189th post (san fran)

 i didn't expect myself to post another blog post within hours.. haha!! thou i promise a week.. so its like damn fast.. weird... okay.. pictures of my hotel room!

 my hotel building... marriot at san francisco
 looks like its quite open-minded in USA about aids and sex... not bad!
 this picture is just becos i got a fren uses this as his nick... "just desserts" but his real nick as we call him is "mao" haha!
 apple and macy's.. typical of stores in US..
 and those breakfast stores... maybe steve jobs had his breakfast here too! since they claim to serve the best breakfast? haha!
 nice sloping street of the city
 me and my 2 colleague and also... very loving couple who r both among the best mentors i had so far...
 breakfast!!! 1st time trying corn beef.. despite the raving comments.. nah.. its not my kinda thing.. don really like it... v salty thou...
 the view of the breakfast joint...
and tada! me n iphone 4... as i visited here 1 year ago.. this pic is taken b4 singapore even got iphone4.. ps again due to the delay of this post
 see!!! 1st day USA selling iphone... long long queue outside the apple store
 there is even a corner where u can sit down n someone will have a seminar teaching u how to use ur iphone 4 to the best of its ability
 and i seriously think singapore need this.. a vending machine selling all accessories.. ipods... not bad ma.. its becoming a neccessity...
 union square... like their orchard kinda thing
 wif this pillar in the middle of it.. and a little statue on top.. looks like a fairy to me.. don know what is it thou.. but nice la
 cheesecake factory... the cheesecake is like damn nice!
 girls! u will love this shop.. price is like half of what u pay in sg! n its 2 storey fill wif girl's wants..
 its me wif a bag full of stuff for my gf hayley and i spotted a fireman wif his fire engine.. like... er... quite cool also la.. n he sportingly agree a photo wif me.. n his mate took the photo for us.. haha!! the rest of their team fighting fire upstairs.. wonder y they still so cool.. haha
 the famous tram in san francisco...
 while on the tram spotted this in their chinatown! we used to have it in singapore la.. tot its not bad...
 getting of the tram... going to......
 fisherman wharf!! quite famous place here also.. can go alcatraz from here.. thou i can't manage to get the tickets... looking back as the tram make its way back to union square...realise the view of the sloping street of the city is really nice lor
 and at fisherman's wharf... clam chowder is a must-try!
 mine!!! nice!!! :)
 from the wharf, i took photo of alcatraz from afar.. it might look near.. but it was said tt prisoner who managed to escape the prison last time would nv make it to swim to shore as it will be too cold for them...
 looks scary? now tourist attraction liao.. hahaa!! even featured in my fav iphone game.. " cause of death "

 some random photos of the wharf...

 pier 39 where the seals all gather.. don know y they love this particular spot thou... must have their reasons... but anyway.. nice to look but they stink! haha!

 a really giant catch bear bear machine! madness!!
 an art gallery of pictures n art of the fame golden gate bridge

 a view from our restaurant...
 a view inside

 and outside... yups!!!
 we r at the crab house... looks nice...
my frens getting ready for the feast...
 i am already ready!!! haha!!! super glutton
 calamari as our side dish
 and alaskan king crab as our main!! its damn nice wif its garlic butter and its like 30% of what u would pay in singapore!!! wah!! the fresh juicy crab meat wif the garlic sauce.. indescribable..
 back to union square for cheesecake factory!!!
 bought my piece of 30th anniversary special cheese cake for supper!

 back to the breakfast joint for breakfast again.. this time order my fav "bacon, sausage, overeasy eggs and pancakes!"
after breakfast went to see the "gay pride parade"
 their way of dressing is just so daring n cute
 lotsa anti-gays by the side protesting thou
 but it didnt stop the main lead of the day having their fun n limelight!!!

 look at the way they dressed!! tights
 butt showing....
 cross-dresser... woohoo!!!
 And finally to the golden gate bridge.. i can seriously say.. the view just took my breathe away...
 thumbs up!

 the city view from the bridge..

and lastly one "trying to act artistic" photo...


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