Thursday, March 31, 2011

187th post (copenhagen day 3)

like omg!! i am taking ages to blog!!! no time la.. paisei... haha!!!
some photos on my 1st trip! which i have now gone on countless.. can't believe i haven even complete my 1st!

the city hall at copenhagen!! where they have the earliest version of the clock!! its huge!! and very sophisticated.. thou its nice.. but tts just it la.. now pple can keep time in just a little watch n stuff.. even incorporated into out phone.. technology is really woah!! but still.. ancient beauty is a sight to behold!

look expensive right? gold wor...
the chart where they keep the gmt between countries
the city hall itself...
lotsa status like this ard.. thou i don know who they are.. but i wish to have one like this when i die in sg? like raffles!! everyone will rem u.. thou... its totally not possible la.. unless a nuclear disaster happen in sg n i save everyone single handedly.. haha!!

a nice nice church.. thou i am a die hard buddist/ taoist.. Am always excited to visit church in europe!! i kinda like the structure n the ancient feel... haha!! my 1st europe church!! cool thing happen outside this church.. i rem this couple approach me to take a photo for them.. apparently they met here in copenhagen.. the lady from melbourne in aussie.. the guy from norway.. i from singapore.. a simple meeting from 3 pple.. one from extreme north, one extreme south n me in the middle of the globe.. the world is sucha small place.. haha!!

in royal copenhagen where they sell super ex porcelain.. heng i nv break any.. haha

as illustrated by the board on top? its king's garden.. n this is his palace..
after his wife die.. he build a bronze status of her in the garden looking at his room.. n he can look at her every morning when he wake.. romantic right??

okay.. i don know the story behind this... maybe his garden boy or his son.. haha!!
nice garden to house his wife

marble church!!!! its like super grand... my fav from the outside.. can't go in thou.. i was too late.. nice!!!!!

below is the palace or whatever or the danish royalty.. something like istana of ours.. damn... forget the name...

guards walking ard patrolling...
whats wif the hat huh.. muz be real uncomfortable yeah? haha
the exit...
and of cos... sausage by the road side.. wrapped wif bacon!! damn nice la!! n the store holder is talking to me about how nice thailand is wif their cheap prostitutes... like omg.. haha!!!

sunsetting at midnight... going back sg the next day!!!