Monday, August 30, 2010

185th post (copenhagen)

ok! i took lotsa photos on this trip! so its gonna be a few post b4 i could finish wif copenhagen!

lets start wif sunrise? haha! looking at the sun rising slowly is such a marvel n yet it happen everyday! thou i think times when we seriously look and admire its beauty are far less...

reach hotel!!! nice lobby eh? i think so... :)

and tada!!! in my room! i like it too! plus the window for me to gaze out n just sit there enjoy the cool air and scenery...

nice toilet! wanna my future house to have this kinda toilet too! lotsa glass... haha! feels nice to me.. like very er... don know how to describe... pictures says everything la...

A view out to the world outside! like the way the water n glass reflection combine...

A mall beside my hotel..

And of cos me!!! wif my totally unkempt hair! haha!!

So 1st stop! is to have lunch at the mall beside us.. italian restaurant!! buffet style... this is what i get on my plate
wif a view of the restaurant....
And our dear waitress which one of my fren think tt she is damn hot! haha... italian babe! sounds good yeah?
the view outside my hotel... surrounded by water!!
after lunch we decided to stroll around the area... taking a look... and my frens! jayelle, joseph n suhaimi decided to try out on this floating platform! of cos i did follow la! nth much la..
the path we took!

and wif graffiti all ard.. and all these was happening.. the mrt graffiti case was happening in singapore.. realise tt y our country is so free of these becos of the strict law! no chance sia.. the bugger who sprayed on our train kena! think jail right? who dares to? haa! don mess ard wif singapore sia! its too small for u to run!

group photo!!! :)
pass by this little house by the water... its like really a house on water la! maybe floating even.. wif sofa n stuff inside.. i think its v special la.. wish to own a house like this in sg.. don think its even remotely possible... haha!
when we decided tt we walked enough... saw this!

a bridge rising n closing for a ferry to pass thru! amazing? to me yes!!! in singapore don have ma... call me sua gu if u want.. i think quite amazing.. which is y my camera keep snapping!

and finally.. back in my room.. this is the view outta my room... sun is setting... at the local timing of 11:30 pm!!! also amazing right?? so late den set... day 2 coming up soon!!

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