Friday, July 30, 2010

184th post! (Bangkok day 4)

Day 4 of Bangkok! which is also the last day... haha... this 1st 2 photo is actually the last 2 photo of day 3... haha... see how peaceful n cute dear look when she is sleeping? haha! the massage too shiok liao la! :)

OK! day 4 start! the girls going for manicure... but of cos have breakfsat 1st! the noodles below..wah! i don know what is tt.. but its certainly the best thai noodle!!! soup wif tom yam.. i love it man!
Spicy/Tom yam
Both just as nice!! haha.. so i have both! see the bowl? hee...
jiaxi have shoulder massage...
the girls do mani n pedi lor... haha!
tts me in the background... i also do mani! haha... of cos no paint la.. just do for the fun of it

ice cream shop!!! :)
Posing while waiting for the ice cream... haha!
Amazing ice cream! it doesn't come out of the cup de leh... haha! amazed me.... n also my tummy.. haa! thai food too nice eat alot! ops!
The ice cream close up.. nice de lor...

went to pray the 4-face buddha... dear here wif the joss stick n flowers... its a must go... pray for health, wealth for ourselves n pple ard us... :)

packed n ready to go back singapore! see the amount of luggage we have? amazing right?

went to my " ratchaprasong " to see see b4 going back... haha! riot place!! :)

Somemore food b4 going back at the airport... fried kway teow! favourite thai food! its really nice lor.. really really nice.. in singapore i eat alot of these too! haha
Sinyee n hayley dear on the trolley... she is like a little girl la! 19 le still play trolley... haha!!! wth... but cute la.. i like... :)
cutesy pose... haha
This is y our bags is so much n heavy... cos hayley dear buy 21.5kg of stuff!!! amazing shopping queen!
her satisfied look after this shopping trip

Happy right? Satisfied trip.. happy thai... " i love thailand!!! "

PS: tot satisfied.. but no! our shopping queen here still online shop alot after we r back! haha... doesn't matter thou... enjoy!!!

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