Tuesday, July 20, 2010

183th post ( day 3 of bangkok trip )

Our breakfast at Dunkins donuts!!! haha... dear's wake up face... haha!!! i like it...Platinum mall!!!! dear got so much expectation for it.. but honestly.. the stupid wholesale policy really make it v hard to buy stuff... 3 pieces from the same shop is ok la.. 3 pieces of the same design really sucks!
we were walking ard n getting hungry so spotted this... damn nice bread!!!
in thailand, their foodcourt is just voucher de... damn ma fan lor...
N of cos this fried kway teow! one of my best fav food of thai...
a drink together wif our meal
n this fried rice.. is actually tomato fried rice... damn sucky... yucks!!!
beef soup... nice too

Dear's foot hurts... so wan to change shoe wif me... haha.. me wif her shoe... like omg lor...

this is the hair dye... my dear bought! n of cos me dye for her in the hotel rm la.. my 1st experience of dying for pple.. very happy tt it actually turn out well... haha!!
My fav!!!!! A&W!!! so sad tt singapore no longer have it... i love it luh.. don understand y don have thou...
my fav.. all time fav.... waffle ice cream!!! i love waffles... but those thick waffles la.. not those thin thin confectionary shop kind of waffles.. hate those greenish thin kind the most!!! yucks... the one is Jurong pt basement is gd thou.. but tts about it... thick waffles are like so nice la.. gelare!!! omg.. tml is tues.. am gonna grab one! okok.. outta point.. anyway... this is the A&W one... very very nice lor...
n of cos their very fame root beer
N curly fries!!! which gladly macdonalds did a very good imitation of it so i can still have my curly fries in singapore.. haha!
walked ard siam square... den after tt go opposite here at siam paragon to tk cab back... n notice jx's weird face??? haha...... cool!!
in this clothes again!!!! of cos! a daily thing... massage!!!!!
dear here... requested for her masseur... hmmz.. she always have the gd one... mine always lousy... haha..

PS: last day of bangkok up soon!!! stay tune!! sorry if i sounded a bit mushy ar? haha

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