Sunday, June 27, 2010

180th post (Shanghai)

Hi everyone! ok! i am super outdated in updating my post... give me time to catch up k? haha.. in this instalment of post.. is as the title says.. shanghai! haha... i went there for a couple of days.. so here goes...

As u all can see above... its my hotel rm... nice right? ok... as much as china sounds bad quality to pple out there.. but i can vouch tt out of my many times there.. they have one of the best hotels ard... the space... the design n of cos their signature see thru glass from the shower/bath tub to the room.. haha! i kinda like it... its a hotel at the hong qiao area... anyone wants to know the exact name please email me or something...

Went to this nearby shopping mall where they sell like lotsa fake branded... okay... truth enough i bought a couple of stuff as gifts.. aha... thou fake.. but heck care... Mom's bday present.. but i did tell her is a fake la.. but no labels on it so pple won accuse her of taking a fake.. yeah!

had a dinner at this little place ard the corner.. was at shanghai b4 so i would say this is not quite gd la.. the food n stuff... but still quite ok... amazingly the xiao long bao was worst den singapore's... but its just to fill stomach.. haha... n the v mean me offered the xlbs to my muslim fren via... Via is like a crazy girl la... haha.. n of cos i did reveal its pork n ask her not to eat after offering... haha!!!
" Deng Deng Deng!!!" do it the " 上海滩 " way.. is what u should do at this moment.. n me posing as if i am like... er... ding li or xu wen qiang.. i also don know la.. nv really watched.. but i really like shows in tt era of shanghai... like all the fights... guns... womans in cheongsums singing... like quite cool right? haha....

This is actually 外滩.. but its the 上海滩 depicted on shows leh.. 上海滩 is actually opposite where the pearl tower is.. but heck la.. just take lotsa photos cos its really nice!!!

Sheryl over here

This is eugene... the Mr nice guy.. haha!
n lastly the crazy girl... VIA!!!!! haha.....

this photo is picked from the thousands i take of this place (okay la.. maybe only 50) but i think it is the nicest of them all la..

Kissing the pearl tower... i love shanghai!! haha

OK!!! this is chika... haha! i always think of ikea meatballs when i see her..

Tan yan!! so nice of her to come all the way to pudong to look for me.. n still i didn't pick up her call n she walk ard to look for me for 30 mins!! so sorry bout tt ar... haha...
another nice shot

N den we r leaving wif tan yan posing for a shot which i keep insisting cos seldom see her ma.. haha

leaving view... can see tt i was quite amazed right?

lastly... 和平饭店... just round the corner of the bund... :)

PS: sorry everyone who still visit my blog.. i know its dead.. do come by often n i promise to blog at least once a week k? my v fun 1st "honeymoon" trip wif gf to bangkok up next n den copenhagen, hongkong den san francisco... now in dubai

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