Thursday, May 13, 2010

179th post (melbourne)

OK! finally updating... after like super damn long right? haha!! recently i went melbourne for a while... just slightly more than a day so i just dive into those "must go" destinations... haha!!! yups!!!

The 1st view i had when i boarded the bus away from the airport... hee...

The pictures of my hotel! isn't it nice? i like it la! too bad no bath tub! haha... i like bath tub.... anyway..... also quite a pity tt i didn't go swimming... so nice to have a city view while swimming.... but its winter... and i am freezing cos i tot "11 degrees is just like air-con" so i brought a sweater that i always wear in sg when in office.. but damn!!! its ultra cold.. i was freezing til i have a headache and tot i was gonna faint in few occasions la!

Went to their famous victoria market... take note of the operating hrs! don miss it! thou.... looking at the photo below... its more like a pasar malam right? i think so too! just like sg.. just tt they sell huge monstrous apple like the one i am holding... like wth.... maybe from this photo u can't really feel the size but its super BIG!!! nth much thou.... haha.... but its worth a trip down.. had some nice strawberry donuts... but its ultra oily! knew there is krispykreme ard but can't find it.... so just a road side stall lor

My 1st meal.... fish n chips wif a chicken skewers... i l0ve western food in sg leh.. but just..... nah... don like these in mel... don know y... the fish sucks.. the chicken skewers too! yucks yucks!1! not nice.. thou it look appetizing...

OK! this.. i see it featured alot in their tourism brochure.. these wooden statues... along the yarra river... thou i don know their name.... but... yups! took photos... saw a crazy man disturbing passerbys there thou.. haha...
And thats me! along the yarra river... behind is my hotel! happy lor... strolling ard the city... exploring...
The Etihad stadium! i watched a document on a stadium where their turf can be wheel out to the sun n back for different events... don know is it this one thou.. but certainly looks like.. it looks grand!!!! and its along side the harbourfront..

Pictures of the harbour front.. haha! sorry arh... i zilian n blocked the nice view... haha! its scenic n with a few restaurants by the bay... quite nice!
Electric tram... so amazed by it... thou crazy la.... haha! but in sg don have ma.... its free de! a round ard the city... for tourist... think sg de muz pay right? $23 or something... this one even the local takes.... cool..... haha!!
Went chinatown town at night! so regret not having my dinner here.... i should have la! so many nice eateries... instead i have a super full dinner at some random food court... crappy food at mel for this trip.. the next time i will hunt down all the nice food.. but their portion is really big... beware.. even a big eater like me can't take it... saw the horse carriage below? they still have it la! wish my gf is here... den she can sit one like a real cinderella... thou the cinderella carriage now at orchard looks awesome.. but the real one still better ba.. pity those horses... can't see a thing all day long... just wait for the rope on their body to give them command to move or stop.. what kind of life is tt... can u imagine someone putting blind on u n give u a cart wif wheel.. so when someone touch u u walk, den touch u again u stop.. do tt for a living? NO WAY!!! poor horses...

i think this is the general melbourne post office... historic.. and the symbol of melbourne.. correct me if i am wrong.. i not sure.. haha! but it certainly looks grand, nice and really give u the feel... but whatever it is... i am steadying my cam on a dustbin to take this shot... haha...everyone should come here at least once if they come mel.... cool right?
just a art kinda thing ard my hotel... beside it got a mac where is spend lotsa time sipping coffee and online... mac cafe here is gd!
Lastly the night view of the city.... nice? i think so!

PS: thou i enjoyed my day here... miss my gf while i am here too!