Saturday, April 10, 2010

177 post.. Vday!

Dear's fav post at the dinner table... haha!! (don u all think its like ultra cute?)
Its a vday post... i know.. long overdue.... haha!!! yups.... spending vday wif a gf... something i don have a chance to do last year.. happy me!!! haha... had spagetti and pizza!! i drank some red wine too... too bad hayley don drink.. haha! if not we could share a bottle... great day! wif a few surprises planned by me.. and of cos not gonna reveal what is it... haha!!! copyrighted... if not pple copy!! haha.... yups!

After dinner we went for movies and neoprint! haha... my gf like lor.. neoprint.. i nv take neoprints in like a thousand years la! lol!! yups... upload some to share... just nice its our 2 mths also... yups!!!! had a wonderful day! didn't type much as previous post all very wordy.. since this post got pics le... haha... speaks a thousand words for me.. 5 pics = 5000 words? woah! making this quite a long post yarh? okay.. lame.. i know.. haha!!!

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  1. Ahaha xD "Neoprint" ... we have those where I live but we call them Totos . I love it x3 lmfao .