Wednesday, October 28, 2009

157th post


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

156th post

SICK SICK SICK!!!! i hate being sick... haiyo.... sick le... den work... aiyo... like not tt smooth sailing le leh.. i need to buck up.. BUCK UP!!!! haha.... anyway.. the tag board.. i think most of meiling's comment is not by meiling herself... Anyway... its wu liao de la... juz leave it.. haha... juz laugh n forget it lor.. so weird... haha!!! anyway.... recently very very tired... haiyo... tts y seldom update.. sorry arh... when got something i will update de k? :)... smiles everyone!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

155th post

yo! another week has flew by.. and this time.. i feel it flew by me in supersonic speed... i think when you are working.. and the time is insignificant to u... juz doing things u have to and busy over it.. time just fly... and den.... its weekend again.. so i feel like... eh... its like juz sat.. and now its sat again!!! OMG... can i stop ageing so fast? gosh! i still feel like a student! but anyway.. this job.. i am enjoying it man.. the ups and downs..

This week has been particularly difficult.. i lost 3 deals in mid-week.. was so down about it.. but of cos... know tt i still have one done deal due to sign this week... that deal was a super suay deal... shan go into deals.. but its juz a misunderstanding on my part and den some super suay system down thingy... talking about losing deals or missing out opportunities.. i look back in time to my mediacorp days... i was still a student den.... hmmz.. acting opportunities.... haiz.. i think i miss out on much more den i taken.. i did in total like 3 dramas? but i missed out on more den 3! maybe like 5? i forgot... so there was this period where i keep thinking to myself "maybe i could have been so much better and popular if i was doing double the amount of dramas i was doing".. but of cos... luckily i got a degree in return and am now in a banking job.. which does not pale in comparison wif my ex job ba...

There was this particular instances tt i rem.. which i tot of this week and it made mi feel so much better... haha... last time b4 i did "just in singapore" i actually am suppose to have a big role in another drama... which can't be named.... everything was discussed and stuff... but in the end... due to some clash wif timings and my sch... i can't do it and someone else took over... but den the drama got delayed and it delayed til a period where i could have done it.. but its not me anymore.. feels so wasted bout it and the "just in singapore" project came! if i took on tt... i would have missed out on "just in singapore" (which is my 3rd show) as their schedule clash. In my opinion... the role in "just in singapore" is a better one! and "just in singapore" is also a more popular show with a better rating! haha... so this incident always tell mi not to dwell on things when u miss them up.. cos it juz open up more chance for u to be expose to something better!

so yups! thou i lose the 3 deals... maybe it does give mi the time to do better stuff? haha.. maybe in this case is not la.. but yups.. not dwelling on it... hope joel ( my colleague ) don dwell on his lost too.. he missed by a bit and lost a deal too due to timing... better things might come.. even if it doesn't.... haha.. forget lor...

so yups! friday clinched another deal.. my 2nd deal... happy over it.. looking forward to my 3rd deal... happy tt i got praise from on of my customer who i lost tt she is really happy wif my service and stuff.. thou no deal came out of it, at least she did let mi know tt i did provide her wif gd service.

And yar.. i did caught one episode of "baiwanbao" when it reran this week.. omg lor.. i think i so totally owned the kang cheng xi of 2005... totally man.. i look of out of sorts and out of place! if i were to do it again.. omg... haha.. will be so much better.. but as pple says.. acting comes wif age.. and experience.. haha! omg... thou a part of mi still think there is something good about the blur F*** me den... haha!!!

sorry everyone arh.. me busy... update whenever i can k? :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

154th post

Haiyo... i think hor.. really luh.. i should buy clothes on impulse.. like i always do.... got this top hor.. i really like.. tot its really super cheap for all its quality but i keep procrastinating... thou i know its the right time to buy le ba.. if not the shop closing le.. but i kind of like think.. leave to fate la.. tml come if can get den buy lor... true enough, when i go the next time... is already sold le... hmmmz... y didn't i buy it when i have the chance to... and den now..... next time cannot think so much le.. if can afford and i like it and the quality is gd... shouldn't have waited.. should juz buy... just hope i don see someone else wearing it outside... super tilt sia...

sad dao................................. :(

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