Friday, September 11, 2009

151th post...

1st time blogging with my iPod touch... Have to say that it is a great companion, listening to music and blogging now sitting at the taxi stand of milennia tower here watching the world goes by and me in my own little world... Haha... As the saying goes "ren zhong shi yao si qu cai hui zhen xi"... So hilarious, 1st time using this in a non-emo context... I am lucky to have my iPod with me lo... Last sat hor, I was listening to it while riding to psr chalet to attend my cousin's bday when I drop it on the right and fastest lane of pie... Unable to stop as I will be bang to death by the stampede of cars behind, I just carry on my journey thinking tt I lost it for good lo... At ard 4 am at night I ride to pie there to search for it lo... Riding slowly a few time, I finally spotted something shiny ( the back of my touch ) by the road.. I faster change lane to the left and stop by the side... Dangerous lo, no road shoulder... Den tried to run across the expessway which is unfortunatly 5 lanes... After I get to the middle, there was so much bushes there la!! Slowly bio no car den use the 1st lane to walk combine wif me bashing thru the bushes.. Finally saw my iPod!!! amazingly after so much banging n running over by cars, it's still working when I press the button!!! Thou the back is totally chui, the screen is not even scratch la... So to hell wif screen protector... The screen is indestructable de!!! Haha!!! So I find a chance to dash across the expressway den to my bike and left happily knowing I recovered my most special non-living companion an I hope I will nv nv lost it...

PS: I love my iPod touch, do u?? :)

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  1. you are really super lucky that your ipod touch survived its short stay in the pie. i would cry if anything happened to my ipod touch since its my only companion on the bus. love it so much. =D