Wednesday, May 13, 2009

118th post

Today did variety show the whole day! haha.. wif bryan wong, Calvin Soh and Jin jie ( jin yin ji)... hee... very very fun.. very long nv do any shows le... haha... not bad lor.. hee... quite enjoy.. going ard the island and eat n eat n eat... haha... i loving eating.. which explains y my increasing waistline as highlighted by bryan.. haha.. as compared to 3 years ago at staridol la... haha... Too bad nv take any photos... aiyo... haha... juz not my habit la... looks like i got an interesting life so i muz share wif everyone! ( someone told mi i got an interesting life)...

OK... was doing this past life thingy on an iphone today wif a fellow judge... hee... he say quite zhun wor... let mi reveal my past life " A japanese businessman in late 1800s, earn lotsa money in his life, but becos of his time all spent on business, he got no romance life, therefore he indulge in geishas and fall hopelessly in love with one particular geisha, although he is rich and love this geisha very much, the geisha refuse to marry him even thou he begged her several times. In the end... he spend his life earning money and missing the geisha in his latter years and die alone my home, which explains the emptiness felt at times in this lifetime"

haha!! i was like... OooOOoooOooooo... went home to tell my mom bout it.. she say she was a japanese soldier who fought in the war in her past life.. haha... i wonder how she knows thou... thru some medium or what.. but maybe i am not really into past life kinda thing, but i seriously believe in horoscope... use to religious read i-weekly's horoscope n plan my week wif tt... haha... saugittaurus... i love my horoscope! hee...

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  1. Yeah.. Sometime i believe there is a past but sometiime I dun..

    I'm a saugittaurus too.. Go lucky all the way.. Alright.. Haha.. Oh ya.. We r in the same age den.. But I'm older than u few daes onli la.. Haha..Oop!!!