Wednesday, May 6, 2009

114th post...

okay... i am always slow.. slow in my feelings.. so i didn't felt anything when i wasn't renewed la... didn't wanted to say much too thou.. but since jiaxi like post so much about me.. maybe i should just be honest bout it myself... the questions pple wanted to ask should be "are you disappointed?"... maybe if i say i am not a tat disappointed is lying ba... ok.. during the course of today i told many lies.. haha... i am disappointed la.. As during the course of my university life, i was having quite some problems managing, so obviously have this wish of concentrating on it to try if i could make it after graduation? but i wouldn't be very disappointed... I had 3 good roles for this 3 years... Am honestly have to say i am very very lucky... wasn't happy with the progress i made with the roles thou. since its good roles and i am still not actually not improving much as an artiste... maybe its the break in between every drama ba.. popularity keep going up and down... cos need to study... whatever it is.. its over... Had gave serious tot before to "what if i really became a full time"... Perhaps only val knows bout it... i always wanted to do a "thomas ong", to leave the industry at my prime... As i was a family orientated man.. its quite risky as entertainment industry differs from outside.. Your value drops as you age... i thought of the scenario before... the scenario that i am in my thirties with family and kids... and i became not popular and struggling.. i would have problems as i need to support my family? The underlying plan is to leave at ard 28-30 if i were to continue la.. now it ended prematurely... but come to think of it, it might not be a bad thing either right? i can start at the same starting point as all my peers from university... Honestly, was touched with all those tags... Didn't know that i was so awaited by pple.. thinking of what i have achieve..

1. 3 lead roles

2. Leave my name on wikipedia ( something my genius cousin wants alot )

3. Making lotsa friends during this 3 years

4. Finally overcame my serious stage fright ( which is the reason y mom wants mi to join staridol in the 1st place )

i think i have gained quite alot... and of cos.... lastly... the support and love i have from all those who tagged or those who recognised me on the streets and smile to me... hei!! this make the world i am living in a much much better place isn't it? Of cos with the exiting of me, the last staridol in the company... There are no longer staridols left... Know tt it will be labelled as a failure talent search competition or whatever... but i will always remember it.... staridol... MING XING OU XIANG!! haha... although i know few rem la.. always have to clarify i am not from star search or superstar... haha... but anyway.. its special isn't it? the only one of its kind competition... i have dvds for all my shows... haha.. can show my kids next time... thinking thru from the start til now... have so many people to thank

1. relatives - thanks so so much.. i know u all put in lotsa effort and of cos votes to put me to where i am today... and i am actually quite paisei to disappoint la... really really.. its nv fail to remind me tt i have this big and wonderful family behind me all the time..

2. xiaowei - my gf last time during the competition... she really did alot for me.. and i always have this guilt to her la

3. Variety team - yong hua jie, lay tin, spruce, wen cong, kai lan... i still rem u all vividly... the day when i was eliminated.. i know many of you all are very sad... and i always rem them

4. Drama - ling song jie, rong di, ning qiang, fen fei etc.. hhaa.. drama really too many to name... i know you all did alot for me.. although to everyone in the company i am a little blur boy.. haha.. but i actually do know... thanks... thanks so so much....

5. wardrobe, make up - florence, mun kok, siew yi. ye jie, you ling jie, ivy jie and alot more... all treat mi so nice... hee...thanks!!!!

6. All my fellow peer actors and frens - not bad wor... nice to know you guys.. haha.. don know wanna name names also la.. haha

7. Val - know u don wanna me to do this job.. but now when i really didn't.. am glad tt its not becos of you.. its becos of............. whatever.. i still wanna thank you.. u make mi grow up alot. From your " i wan to be a star, to just have this moment of fireworks in my life and than i can do my work for the rest of my life satisfied" i know i had my fireworks... and a nice one too... satisfied le.. hope u have yours too soon...

8. of cos mummy n bro n dad - nth needs to be said.. should be understooded haha...

usually pple say this when they get award or something la.. but i just say lor.. at least pple got a chance to see what i have to say ma... right? thinking of the roads ahead... understooded by the girls of my age all feel lost when they grad... haha.. cos i feel lost too... so many options so many roads... which one to go ne? don know... so far thinking... maybe be a banker? maybe be a engineer since its my expertise? or maybe be a air steward for a few years as it has always being my dream to travel ard and see the world... whatever it is... at this kind of times... i am glad i still have choice la... haha... Have to thank a certain cinderella also... haha... she keeps me happy no matter what happen de leh... haha.. i wonder y.... maybe its her cheerfulness, innocence and youthfulness ba... or maybe her ability to simplify everything... haa!! Ops! haha... In 5 hours time i will do my fyp presentation and thats the end of what i need to do for my degree.. haha... so.... the plan now is........ don't think so much!! lets party 1st then think... zouk tml!!! mambo night!! haha... cousins, my soccer buddies all on liao... haha!!! genting over the weekends and den next week do "pai pai zhan cha cha kan"... so i think still have chance to see me on tv la.. haha.. this one lor.. variety show... i think i say too much right? haha... go le lor.. read some notes for tml's presentation den go sleep le... good night everyone... i will still blog de.. and the post will be more personal le i guess... since i don have to worry bout image or whatsoever la.. its a burden put down also.. some pics to show the process?

1st photo i took to join staridol ( ugly la!)

Fellow contestants!
my staridol fans...

me and my champ

Bai wan bao

with the very fun APs/ PAs and fenfei!

Bao bei fu nu bing ( aiyo, i don have with joanne de photo).. haha!

lastly, yi fang ban ting... grow very close to paige during filming arh.. she is a nice girl.. guide me alot.. haha...

TADA!! post again soon.. tataz!


  1. ok,i know ur feeling right now...ok..nothing to said le..see u...

  2. btw,u got plainning to do any job?