Monday, March 9, 2009

103th post...

hi all!!

i change song again le.. its back to chinese again.. haha.. sorry arh.. for those who don understand chinese.. but this is kinda like my fav song... was on my way home in the car when i heard it over the radio... ok... i shall cut the crap over whatever story n what i feel la.. just... enjoy the song!

My fyp report is due this coming fri.. omg.. haha.. how come everyone else is so stress but this weekend i just totally throw it out of my head n didn't do! hmmmz.. i think working hard for the next few days should see results ba... over the few suicide cases in ntu.. haiyo... sad.... y so xiang bu kai? everything there is a way out isn't it? even if it means no degree.. so be it! look at the bright side lo.. am sure heaven got something planned for u ahead.. just wait lo..

haha.. hmmmz... i am also waiting for the thing planned for me by heaven... since graduating.. worlds or possibilities.. but maybe tts not what i am waiting for? i don know.. haha.. nvm.. i don even know what i am saying.. too late... mind can't think le ba... wish me luck for fyp! haha... fyp in 1 week... den exams in 1 mth... after tt i will end my schling life tt i embark on since 3 when i 1st stepped into a PAP nursery and crying cos my parents leaving me there! thats like a full 22 years! haha... OMG!!! time flies... which makes u realise.. really.. its the the results or what happens at the end... its the process... hmmz... process is very important... maybe like this new song i posted ba... its the process, its the process.... dan bi shang wo shuang yan wo hai kan de jian! haha....

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