Friday, February 6, 2009

97th post

haha.. nth much has changed since the last post... except the fact tt it is posted ard the same time.. but the difference is yday i post already den go to sleep... now i post is becos i just woke up... Had wanted to sleep til morning but i have to rush my fyp due tml... haha!! so give a post b4 doing lo... tiring day at sch yday... gonna be a even more tiring day today which i can't see any empty slots in my time table for me to go back hall and sleep....

was having lunch yday wif a fren.. who broke up wif her bf... hmmmz... food for thought...
Do you think a relationship can be salvage if trust has being lost?

personally i told her.. once trust is lost, it can nv be earned back.. so it can't be... haha... anyone beg to differ?

but anyway... yday i went to print notes!! a feat given tt its the 5th week of a 13th week sem and i only printed 1 week of notes so far.. since there is a quiz on monday.. i printed the whole stack of tt subject! haha.. seems like a assumed easy sem is getting harder n harder... last semester worked too hard le... sort of feel so exhausted and can't seems to find the mood and effort for studies... haha.. 2 more week to recess week... wif fyp report due in a mth.... and many projects to be completed... i better find tt motivation fast! haha...

ok! going to do project le... nights everyone!

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  1. Too me when trust in a relationship is gone its of no use trying to patch it up again cause once a trust is gone in a relationship its gone ....I have many frens who have undergo the same prob...Thats y i told most of my frens once u are in a relationship talk out things b4 its too late....Lucky i don't have such