Thursday, February 5, 2009

96th post

Haha... don have to salute me la.. its a course i take in sch ma.. so i watched in class.. but it did evoke a liking for bollywood movie in me! haha... will try to catch those tt u mentioned.. since i live near little india.. can go there find... haha..!!

Anyway... recently found out bout a singer called emi fujita... heard her songs at a bar while i was drinking... b4 i left, i went over n asked who is the singer... so yups.. i found quite a no. of her songs... nice! slow..... soothing...

Attending sin huey n huang jing lun's ntu concert today! Sin huey is so nice to let me n my frens ( 11 of us la! ) sit at the front rows as VIPs... thanks sin huey! haha... and am very very impressed wif the performance today la!! bow down... vey gd! especially like the duet of yi yan shun jian... haha... and also the wu neng wei li.... i brought the CD of hers along la! haha.. like a little fan.. too bad didn't get a chance to get it signed.. haha....

hmmz... looking back... i think emotionally n mentally wise... i change alot over the past 1 to 2 mths... thou some things never change.... but..... i sort of learn fate... ever since a documentary bout a "i forgot the name" leaf in india.. which sort of writes down everyones fate... thousands of them... you just need to find your own leaf via fingerprints to be able to get the person to read ur life to you... so...... i sort of grow up.. sort of learn to let go.. sort of learn to cherish..... sort of learn to.............. let things flow wif nature and accept ba... use to like to fight alot for stuff... but this new found "wisdom" sort of have a kind of weird happiness in it.. thou at times feeling tt its so totally not me and feel so weird and stuff... haha!!! don know la!

anyone here could teach me how to deal wif mosquitos!? i have being having sleepless nights cos of them! tried the light wif electric wire thing (cost me $17 la!!) but they are too clever.. use for 2 days killed none... use the incense useless... how how!! i always wake up wif like 6 bite marks on my face and like 20 on either arm!! gRh!!! haha...

PS: from now on i will really post more post regularly.. haha... found the motivation to post again.. sorry for disappearing for so so long....... so sorry... *bow*


  1. :) i noe u have busy schedules n such..but mosquitos r juz irritating pesky lil' things..u go mustafa ctr..first floor at the pharmacy mosquito repellent..quite gd de & cheaper than any other place..stick on stickers, candles, creams etc..i bought the candles n stickers..quite good..seriously..i would rather take precautions den kena bite by mozzies..i scared dengue or malaria la..or wat's e name of chikungunya?? lol..

  2. yea ....i think u really should watch those movies....anyways hey i like to listen to jay chou songs.... i guess i spell his name correctly..i liked his "Wo Bu Pei"
    song it's dame nice trying to fine more of is song any idea where to find those songs...i am not so sure cause i am a non-chinese...