Wednesday, February 25, 2009

102th post..

its 0440 am in the morning.. half time between man utd vs inter milan, barcelona vs lyon, arsenal vs roma... haha... i am watching soccer... half time ma.. staring at my lap top also don know what to do... haha...

few days ago i cook my best and na shou de instant noodle for myself... hmmz... its really very very nice lo... decided... i shall now teach pple how cook the best instant nooodle ever! haha... everytime i eat i feel very blissful... i guess its the same feel for anyone who tried it ba... haha... try cooking it!

1 pack of maggi curry noodle ( don buy the non-msg one )
2 eggs
some sesame oil

1.Use a pot of the size of around slightly bigger den the palm of ur hands stretch ( the usual instant noodle pot la).
2. boil some water, the water level must be ard 3/4 of the recommended amount ( lesser water more taste)
3. empty the noodles in when the water is boiling
4. keep the fire at full force, usually its time to lower den but don't
5. lookout for the noodle, empty the packet of seasoning at the pt when the noodle start to soften, not too late not too early
6. lower the fire a bit.
7. beat on egg and pour in ard 30 secs later
8. wait for another 3 mins.
9. off the fire
10. pour another fresh egg in
11. add some sesame oil
12. serve

note.. this noodle will not be the soupy one tt u always have.. it will be a tat dry.. will get you only around half the bowl of soup you usually have. Due to the cooking time is ard 6 mins from the noodle enter the water til end. twice longer den recommended, the noodle will be much softer, more tasty!!

please try and tell me if its good! haha....

its the only thing i can cook at home la.. my house is a non-cooking place.. no cooking stuff at home de.. so...... yups. eggs is the only ingredient i will have.. luxury le.. haha. usually don have...

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  1. yoiz. dont eat at night and too much instant noodle no good! remember eat fresh! good luck!