Wednesday, February 25, 2009

102th post..

its 0440 am in the morning.. half time between man utd vs inter milan, barcelona vs lyon, arsenal vs roma... haha... i am watching soccer... half time ma.. staring at my lap top also don know what to do... haha...

few days ago i cook my best and na shou de instant noodle for myself... hmmz... its really very very nice lo... decided... i shall now teach pple how cook the best instant nooodle ever! haha... everytime i eat i feel very blissful... i guess its the same feel for anyone who tried it ba... haha... try cooking it!

1 pack of maggi curry noodle ( don buy the non-msg one )
2 eggs
some sesame oil

1.Use a pot of the size of around slightly bigger den the palm of ur hands stretch ( the usual instant noodle pot la).
2. boil some water, the water level must be ard 3/4 of the recommended amount ( lesser water more taste)
3. empty the noodles in when the water is boiling
4. keep the fire at full force, usually its time to lower den but don't
5. lookout for the noodle, empty the packet of seasoning at the pt when the noodle start to soften, not too late not too early
6. lower the fire a bit.
7. beat on egg and pour in ard 30 secs later
8. wait for another 3 mins.
9. off the fire
10. pour another fresh egg in
11. add some sesame oil
12. serve

note.. this noodle will not be the soupy one tt u always have.. it will be a tat dry.. will get you only around half the bowl of soup you usually have. Due to the cooking time is ard 6 mins from the noodle enter the water til end. twice longer den recommended, the noodle will be much softer, more tasty!!

please try and tell me if its good! haha....

its the only thing i can cook at home la.. my house is a non-cooking place.. no cooking stuff at home de.. so...... yups. eggs is the only ingredient i will have.. luxury le.. haha. usually don have...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

101th post

Omg omg... i am currently stuck in the jin yong's story line... after the repeated show of yi tian tu long ji on channel 8, i started on the tian long ba bu... and now.... my bro bought the new she diao ying xiong chuan... haha.... and we still have shen diao xia lu next... haha.... i am so glued to tv lo... haha.. super glued... anyone like any of those? haha....

The weird thing is... haa... watching this show make me like yang kang more then guo jing! haha... but..... lin yi chen is so so super cute! love her to bits! haha...

Monday, February 16, 2009

100th post


its 3 am right now... i am tossing n turning on my bed can't get to sleep... on the computer... trying to find some stuff to do... and realise that... i could blog! its 100th post already! hmmz... 100.... milestone isn't it? reading back... i realise... times really change from post 1 to now... maybe things change... i grown up certainly...

Having some tots at my head right now... hmmz.... ever tried very hard to sleep but can't before? and those tots.... you just can't seems to find a solution to it... its like only at night... in darkness... when you can't see den you start to be able to see what you really feel? are those tots when in darkness and silence the true tots? late at night... when those tots come up... tts when you face yourself? thats when you see the real you inside?
haha... see! i am getting so philosophical instead of nonsensical initially...

A phrase came up my head : 一个人一生会遇见三个人,最爱你的人,你最爱的人,最后在对的时间出现陪你过一生的人。。。

i have heard this since secondary school... maybe 10 years ago? now 10 years have gone by... the question is... among this 3 people... how many have i met? hmmz... you know.... since i know this phrase i have been telling myself... no no.. i shall only meet 2... it will stop at 2.... but.... for whatever reason.... how come as you grow older... the more you feel that... what seemingly felt simple when i said it 10 years ago seems a daunting task..

Quite a common logic in alot of movies i have watched... many of them always advocate "follow your heart".....
thinking bout it... i guess... precisely because alot of people in real life didn't... they follow their head... so they love movie that pple do otherwise? so is it juz in movies that its the right thing to do... cos in real life... lotsa real life examples i saw shows that following ur head is e right thing to do? becos? " love just ain't enough? " i still clearly rem fighting this phrase few mths back... but i succumb... i believe.... in the end i believe its true.... but somehow... there is this resistance... this dying refusal...

haha!!! anyway.... tots broken... juz got bitten by a few irritating mosquitos in my rm... am gonna stay awake n hunt them down b4 sleeping again.. or rather... try to sleep ba... nights everyone....

Friday, February 6, 2009

97th post

haha.. nth much has changed since the last post... except the fact tt it is posted ard the same time.. but the difference is yday i post already den go to sleep... now i post is becos i just woke up... Had wanted to sleep til morning but i have to rush my fyp due tml... haha!! so give a post b4 doing lo... tiring day at sch yday... gonna be a even more tiring day today which i can't see any empty slots in my time table for me to go back hall and sleep....

was having lunch yday wif a fren.. who broke up wif her bf... hmmmz... food for thought...
Do you think a relationship can be salvage if trust has being lost?

personally i told her.. once trust is lost, it can nv be earned back.. so it can't be... haha... anyone beg to differ?

but anyway... yday i went to print notes!! a feat given tt its the 5th week of a 13th week sem and i only printed 1 week of notes so far.. since there is a quiz on monday.. i printed the whole stack of tt subject! haha.. seems like a assumed easy sem is getting harder n harder... last semester worked too hard le... sort of feel so exhausted and can't seems to find the mood and effort for studies... haha.. 2 more week to recess week... wif fyp report due in a mth.... and many projects to be completed... i better find tt motivation fast! haha...

ok! going to do project le... nights everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

96th post

Haha... don have to salute me la.. its a course i take in sch ma.. so i watched in class.. but it did evoke a liking for bollywood movie in me! haha... will try to catch those tt u mentioned.. since i live near little india.. can go there find... haha..!!

Anyway... recently found out bout a singer called emi fujita... heard her songs at a bar while i was drinking... b4 i left, i went over n asked who is the singer... so yups.. i found quite a no. of her songs... nice! slow..... soothing...

Attending sin huey n huang jing lun's ntu concert today! Sin huey is so nice to let me n my frens ( 11 of us la! ) sit at the front rows as VIPs... thanks sin huey! haha... and am very very impressed wif the performance today la!! bow down... vey gd! especially like the duet of yi yan shun jian... haha... and also the wu neng wei li.... i brought the CD of hers along la! haha.. like a little fan.. too bad didn't get a chance to get it signed.. haha....

hmmz... looking back... i think emotionally n mentally wise... i change alot over the past 1 to 2 mths... thou some things never change.... but..... i sort of learn fate... ever since a documentary bout a "i forgot the name" leaf in india.. which sort of writes down everyones fate... thousands of them... you just need to find your own leaf via fingerprints to be able to get the person to read ur life to you... so...... i sort of grow up.. sort of learn to let go.. sort of learn to cherish..... sort of learn to.............. let things flow wif nature and accept ba... use to like to fight alot for stuff... but this new found "wisdom" sort of have a kind of weird happiness in it.. thou at times feeling tt its so totally not me and feel so weird and stuff... haha!!! don know la!

anyone here could teach me how to deal wif mosquitos!? i have being having sleepless nights cos of them! tried the light wif electric wire thing (cost me $17 la!!) but they are too clever.. use for 2 days killed none... use the incense useless... how how!! i always wake up wif like 6 bite marks on my face and like 20 on either arm!! gRh!!! haha...

PS: from now on i will really post more post regularly.. haha... found the motivation to post again.. sorry for disappearing for so so long....... so sorry... *bow*