Saturday, December 20, 2008

94th post

Hi all!! haha.. its me updating again.. hee... as u all know... i just went desaru for holiday!! haven get the photos from my mom yet but took 2 photos from kota tinggi waterfall (shown below)

TADA!!! One is me.. and another of cos is my very very beloved grandma.. its a long flight of steps up to the waterfall la! and she managed to reach the top!! very very impressed.. Just like how she conquer the great wall of china Umpteen times!! hee.... The high of this trip is tt i saw fireflies for the 1st time in my life!! and manage to grab them at my hands and play wif it! hee.. 5 times!! Don know y... they just like me ba... keep flying to me... Jiaxi is not as lucky thou!! (1st time i more lucky then him!)... huge waves... nice sea, sun, sand... thou its gets kinda boring when night falls as the hotel got nth to do at night!! woah!! haha.... happy thou! something happening enough during holidays.. haha....
Below pretty much sums up today, RETAIL THERAPY!!!
Ok!! before someone feels weird tt i bought a teddy bear.. haha.. its my 1st surprise of my day... woke up ard 12.. when my dad came home for lunch.. i was lazing ard the sofa when he threw this teddy bear at me!! he say " u like a not, like take it lo".. don know y... took an instant liking to it... and since i got a huge teddy bear by my bed side ( my bday present from my jc bowling team).. this little teddy should be on my bed ba... haha... jialat... feeling tt its quite gayish right? but aiya... don let it go to waste la.. my dad sell toys de ma... return him he will throw ard and maybe no one buy... get dirty and stuff... er.... actually quite cute also right? ok! he shall be named " xiao xiong " den the big one will be " da xiong ".. but i definitely won be talking to them (like a alot of girls do).. haha....
A red leather jeans $80 (mum sponser) Thanks mum!!!!

Ok! the rest is from a certain shop tt is having a 40% sales!! don know whether can reveal brand a not la.. so better not.. the combine value of the hoody, V-neck, tee and shirt is $100... super cheap la... $100 can get so many stuff!! am mighty please bout it!! haha.... really happy lo.. didn't chose for long.. go in... juz see wat den buy lo.. haha... try to teng myself more... As Xmas present to myself lo.. haha... All bought at marina square... haha... i am like hooked to little nyonya... and i suddenly tot.. i am really kinda naive la... i actually do hate the bad characters in it.. and feel for the gd characters.. den suddenly a tot came to me.. some of the bad characters i actually know them de la.. and quite fren too... haha... why would i be so convinced that they are tt evil... haha... This is when i realise.. woah!! their acting is really very very pro... very very convincing... very gd lo!! cheers for guo hui wen!! lim mei jiao!! apple hong!!! Pan ling ling!! Watching this show is weird also.. haha.. cos the male lead is call what? Chen xi!!! haha.. my name is chengxi... sounds exactly the same la!! luckily many pple call him Xi er... cos occasionally i heard pple call chengxi in the show.. i feel like calling out to me la!! haha... really weird... haha... bad thing is..... too many newspaper and magazine revealing the end part le... everyone knows chen xi won be with yue niang de... I would rather not already know the ending of this love story so i can be more attached to the story and keep hoping tt they will be together lo... Shall shun all mag and newspaper bout this show from now on!! spoil the fun.... humph!!! ok!!! end of my post... will now go mobtv little nyonya til day break then sleep ( bad lifestyle that is exclusive for holidays only )...



  1. is ur holidae?i think is fun...4 u ,u can go over sea,mi..haha...stay at home...hee...i should not tel tis 2 u,sorry...have a nice day 2 u...and happy merry christmas..:)

    and wating for next drama...ur show is nice....i like 2 watch..

  2. hey u like the show ah? hahaha
    thanks for the support ah! u make up that 1 point dunno how many millions of audience who watch leh!! hehehe :) found ur blog by accident :) ur musings very funnie lor :P