Saturday, December 6, 2008

92nd post

hi everyone!! despite my last min notice... 8 pple did turn up for the mini gathering!!! receive presents too!! although i did say i don wan any la... haha... some i see le like quite ex lo... feeling bad... haiyo!!! shouldn't have spend so much!!! anyway... thanks so so much for coming!!

I had my bday dinner at trader's hotel!! the hotel that i intro-ed in buffet buffet ( showing on 18th dec ).... its a really nice place... had my bday celebration there last year too!! The manager very nice lo... planned a surprise!! wif a mousse cake for me n my bro and wif the waiters singing bday song for us.... nice.... hmmz...

Saw a movie... Ai qing 18g... a singapore de movie... my aleric and adam chen... its really really nice lo.. wif 2 girls in it... one scorpio.. one saugittaurus... which the saugi girl said out something which i guess struck a chord in me... haha... Wanna know which one? go watch it! den guess on my tag board... will reveal when someone guessed it!!!

Recently bought ipod touch! cos i know gonna have hong bao from parents and grandma at bday ma.. its kind of like a bday present... and i am enjoying every bit of it! although i know iphone better la.. but pros and cons.. i still like my itouch lots!!!

I wanna thank everyone who wished me bday... especially those we sms me and i reply "who r u?".. haha.. cos i lost my hp den lose lotsa contacts... so paisei to ask pple who they are lo... hereby apologise!! i wouldn't say this is a great bday but..... on this day i do feel lotsa pple do care for me!!!! thanks...

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