Monday, November 10, 2008

87th post!

hi all!!! happy to be here n say... i am really grateful for all my faithful fans or pple who r regularly concern bout me to check back my blog despite not updating for like ten thousand years! ok!!!! actually... think also quite paisei to update la.. cos.... got nth entertaining to share... I am taking many modules this semester... so..... can't do any dramas... den i think next sem... From my current knowledge now... Timing clashes... so....... sad but true... i will not be acting from now til next may... so if luckily i get to start acting in june/july.. the fastest i will be on screen again is 09 year end.. which i think is a super long time from now... ard 1 year? and from my last drama.. it will be slightly more den 20mths... scary yeah? but also.... thou i know some of my supporters will not forget me... but did in fact know tt i will be pretty much forgotten by majority? but its ok! getting a fresh start might be gd... looking forward... someone ard me recently took a very huge step to try in this industry... a huge risk... which evoke my acting passion as well! really cherish wat i had n wanna be able to do well n act well n hopefully silent some critics... honestly v thankful for all the concern n interest in my life....

*chengxi bow*

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