Monday, September 8, 2008

85th post..

sorry for the long long time not updating arh... so so sorry... sometimes when i want to update, i don know what to write... when i want to write something, i don have time.. cos busy... anyway pple... i am currently practicing for a little musical.. for trade show... its like a show mediacorp put for for business partners de? yups...

for this musical i am playing a production team member la.. its a very farnie and cute musical lo... don know will be recorded a not.. if yes i would so wanna have a copy la... tasked wif producing this musical out in 2 plus weeks... everyone is putting in alot alot of hard work.. training is not tough ba.. its actually fun? wif a dance done in the retro style.. haha... not bad not bad.. enjoyed it.. thou i think quite silly la.. hahaa.... yups.. the musical will be done on the 18th... so not much time left.. more practice... hopefully can present a perfect musical on tt day! thou i small part la.. but.... its a team effort! haha... fun fun...

life's being a roller coaster for me... sometimes v v gd? sometimes not so.. but hei... T.I.L.. stands for This is life.. haha.. hope everyone stays happy!! hee..


  1. hey! was it you on the train (north-east line) this evening?

  2. Hi Chengxi

    I found your blog thru yahoo search

    I wonder you still remember on the 29/09/08 at the Changi Airport T2?
    My friends and I spotted you and request to take photos with you?

    I even asked you whether you have any facebook so I can tag the photos that we took to you?
    Too bad, you told us that you dun have and you only have friendster...

    I hope you still remember...
    We were surprised to see you^^
    You are so friendly and allowed us to take photos with you

    Thanks for sparing us your little time.^_^

    Wendy Wong S.H.