Tuesday, August 12, 2008

80th post

hi everyone. chengxi here... yday i went for the 12 lotus premiere!! with my mom! pictures above... muz be wondering how come go premiere take pictures at daiso? haha.. cos at vivo city ma.. den go in theatre, haven take photo den lights off le... den movie end, came out of the theatre is daiso there le.. so while going in to shop for canvas ( for me to paint on la, i ran out of them which is y so long nv paint le), i got my mom to pose for me n took the photos lo.. haha.. but they ran out of the big ones le.. left small small one i didn't buy... think should go bras basah buy la... haha... yups...doing tutorials until half lo.. not really doing la.. reading thru n understanding lo.. tml got 5 tuts and 3 lectures.. god!!! my tues are my most xiong day in sch... 1 lecture, 1 hr break den 5 tut n 2 lectures in a row... gosh! hope i can pull thru tml... haha... oh yarh... fri is july 15th on the lunar calendar le... taoist and buddist... rem go pray arh... i shall rem to go "si ma lu" 4th road to pray den... hope i rem... hee...

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