Sunday, August 3, 2008

75th post..

hi everyone.. my latest painting tt i am not exactly happy about la.. but juz draw lo... yarh... tml sch start le.... hmmz.... busy busy... haiyo... 4th year le.. sch starts like many times le.. but kinda losing the sch life feel cos no longer staying hall... i juz have to go home everyday den... long journey... jams n stuff.. haiz... yeah...

went for soda green concert over the weekend... i think should be not bad la.. cos everyone was like standing up.. thou i nv la... everyone else looks enjoying.. too bad i don know bout them... think only know 1 of their songs.. "xiao qing ge".. so kinda like didn't really enjoy la.. cos don know their songs ma... hope i will have tickets to the FIR one thou... like FIR... hmmz... sch starts.. find motivation.. motivation to study n go sch everyday... oh ya.. anyone saw xinhui's performance yday? i heard she is singing at somewhere for 500 pple.. but i don have other details? wat song she sing? anyone saw?

anyway... everyone should watch money no enough 2... i realise pple who watched it le will become more filial.. and i salute director neo for it! educating the public!!! nice!!

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