Tuesday, July 29, 2008

73th post...

hi everyone!!! i juz went to a movie premiere wif my grandma!!!! As u all can see la... 1st time i go wif grandma.... hope i make her happy today!!! hee.. the money no enough 2 is really nice la! have to admit tt its touching til u can try ur best to hold ur tears n am confident to say u won succeed.... its really v close to ur heart and honestly v v nice!!! yeah... hmmz...

and yeah... got pple dropping by to ask me for photos by mail cos they know of the surprise... er.... wah... i make them wait a few mths til i go send... afraid tt i might forget or again take so long.. but those who really wan can email me to request for some... plz indicate ur name n address.... haha.. n my email.. got a few la.. i will only response to those tt send the email to the "yahoo" one lo... the "live" email doesn't work de... n plz no email to any hotmail acct ok? its not valid... haha... as for my yahoo acct de email, its stated in one of my previous post.. those who know de will be able to send me the email lo... haha!!!

PS: omg... chengxi is sinking deeper n deeper into the abyss of sadness... someone save me!!

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  1. Hi Cheng Xi

    Hmm didn't you got oversea with you bro the let you hair down? forget all the past and enjoyth moment?