Tuesday, July 15, 2008

69th post..

Didn't update for long...

Will be backed soon...

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  1. Cheng Xi,

    I know that u r feeling very sad & down now.
    Pls don't be so sad ok?

    I can understand how u feel now.
    As i am also a "过来人".
    Frankly speaking, i know it really hurts & it is very hard to heal. It really needs time to heal totally.

    Just try not to think so much & keep yourself occupied, so that u won't have much time to think abt it. But DON'T get over-worked or bury yourself into work ok? cos it is really a wrong way to torture yourself by doing these.

    I know it is a hard way to go, but u can do it.
    Trust me!

    You will sure meet a better gal in the future.

    Hope that u will get well very soon!
    We are always here for u no matter what happens!
    Jia You!! :)