Tuesday, July 8, 2008

67th post!

hi everyone!!

Am happy! cos attachment ending le! but...... er..... i find tt i only have 2 holiday week b4 sch starts.. which is gonna be hell cos i register for so many subjects.. haha! jialat....
but anyway.. out from my very boring lifestyle nowadays (which is y nv update la, nth interesting), i found a new new hobby! which is painting! haha.... ok... i this lao ah pek going to say story again...
Art/painting and me is very very not matching.. y? cos i dreaded doing art since young! i still rem the happiness after sec 2 not to do art n craft anymore... haha.. rem being punish very very hard by art teacher for failing to hand in art piece.. shan talk bout the punishment cos if i do.. haha.. think the teacher will hit headlines in newspaper tml for torturing student.. but in my era very normal la.. haha... i am a very very non-art person.. i can't draw, can't paint... juz can't lo... hmmz...
let me recall an incident, it was sec 2... during our art exam.. its a final year exam (those 2 hrs n 30 mins kind).. in cchs.. i still rem its at the classroom at the old block (called new block when i studying there) level 1 beside the toilet... the title is "birthday card".. i decided to be a tat too artistic.. or rather i am lazy la.. i juz squeeze my paints on it and use my palm to mix it ard... at tt time got this lesson teach ma.. its call colour art or something arh.. after tt i fold the drawing board into half n write in my best possible manner "happy bday" inside.. i finish in like 30 mins la.. den my art teacher came n take my art piece n ask "wat is this?" i say " bday card lo".. she say "this is not art, this is a mess, do again..." i say " i think its artistic leh".. haha.... i am a very naughty boy in sec sch la.. den she tore it up in front of me n say " do again" den she walk away.. i am like " wat the......" but den.. the very very rebelious me of cos do exactly the same art piece again (not hard to anyhow replicate ma) n this time she walk pass look at it, shake her head n walk off... as expected.. i fail my art... 17/100.. and tada! thats my last experience wif art...
ok... now... bored.... and becos gf like art.. haha. so bought art stuff n started painting.. i realise tt as i paint i am very happy la!!! i didn't plan wat to paint.. juz start by drawing some random things.. den stop.. watch tv... think n think... den add something.. and so on.. although in the end will "hua she tian zhu" (draw snake add legs) a bit la.. but hei! i like wat i drew la.. n proud of it cos i nv knew i could paint! haha.. although the more i look, the more i think its like pri sch student kinda painting la.. but hell! haha.. i had fun painting them! hee.. my 1st 2 painting below.. tk a look? juz finish drawing my 3rd one.. still wet can't scan... but my fav piece so far.. haha... show u all next time.. now comment on my 2 drawings plz? haha.. no need to limit to gd stuff or wat la.. criticise all u wan!!!! will be happy to see bad comments too cos hei.. its juz for discussion only ma.. haha..
oh yarh.. was online juz now a while den offline le.. cos was painting n can't reply much.. sorry to those who i nv say gd bye n juz offline like tt... sincerely sorry.. online again soon k? hee...


  1. hey! popping by! :)
    hahaha. okay what. your drawing can pass lah! the panda is quite cute but it looks like it's kinda FAT. HAHAHA. the bamboo tree very nice and artistic though!

    practice more lah, next time go back to cchms for charity bazaar again then u can sell ur art pieces! ha!

  2. Hi Cheng Xi,

    Frankly speaking i really like ur 1st drawing! Feel that its very artistic lor...
    As for the 2nd one, sorry to say its abit like primary school drawing. But the panda still looks very cute! Not that bad.

    Overall, it is consider not bad le... I will give u 7/10. Hee... =P

    Keep it up ur good work! :)

  3. hi cheng xi,

    no wonder i found u familar.. remembered i saw u be4 on tv.. i saw u twice at shenton way this week during lunchtime. haha anyway good luck 4 yr studies yeah :)


  4. I like the panda want..quite not bad..hee

  5. hey cheng xi,
    Was surprised to see u in Shenton Way twice this week =)
    I found u familar & my intern told me you're an actor hehe..
    ok enjoy yr wkend!

  6. well,unless u are trying hard now...
    but add oil..
    let me comment to you..
    i prefer the 2nd...cause, that can be send to CHINA...!!! is a Panda Man!!!

    Comment you.. paint and draw S'pore flag ba..^^
    It's easy and usefull...

    add some color and paint well..!!!

  7. hi cheng xi gor! long tyme no giv u comments le..haha! i tink ur 2 paintings r great, when i read ur entry b4 scrollin down 2 see e paintings, i prepared miself 4 e worst, but hey! its better than i thought they should luk lyk. i also dunno hw 2 do art one de. i gt a picture or image in mi mind bt cant draw or paint it out. sumtymes feel so frustratin when i do art&craft when i was in sec 1&2. ur paintings r super nice,practise more n u cn hav e chance 2 be our first celebrity artist~ :P jiayous! :)

  8. Hi cheng xi,

    ur drawing is so nice i cant even do a drawing tat is so nice sia... *envy*