Tuesday, July 1, 2008

65th post

hi everyone! sorry for not posting earlier... i muz admit this time is not i busy.. haha.. is i addicted to this game call "football manager".. its really kind of a game tt i play when i still in sec sch.. all the way til now.. haha.. its quite fun! although i guess alot of u wouldn't know wat the game is about.. its about taking control of a football club and buying player and organising a team n play in competition which u have not control over the players during the game... juz wait n see how ur tactics and player selection works... hee..

yups.. being playing this game n working recently lo.. kinda stupid la.. actually.. haha.. but i played this stupid game for like a decade le! haha... anyway....

my attachment ending soon... 3 more weeks.. kinda got used into life in zhaoyang... in construction site... hmmz.. looking forward to my 3 weeks break b4 going back to sch... i registered for 13 subjects this coming sem... 9 core.. 4 electives... i think at least will be studying for 11 subjects and doing fyp at the same time! woah... i think i am gd sia.. haha... 33 aus plus 1- for fyp!! haha.. i am the man! ( plan only la... end of sem sure die.. haha.. see how den) hee....

Anyway.... nice to know tt pple still visit my blog even thou my show ended like quite long ago! thanks for always being there! haha... tataz

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