Monday, June 23, 2008

64th post

haha! wat do u think of when u hear the word "office"... hee... am sure the 2 pictures on top r not tt will come to your mind right? but ta da!!! tts my office! not bad right? its very "personal" la! a office totally mine! haa... i have being transfered from my marina IR site building mrt to a moulmein site building a church! haha... new challenges! although project smaller la, but different type of method to build.. so therefore new things to learn! haha.. so far have being enjoying this new site! friendly pple n stuff... and of cos! very near my place... aha... although this office a bit..... er.... haha.. but i don stay in office much (its quite obvious why)... haha!!! yups!

Went singing on sat night! sang lotsa lotsa songs.. decided to sing some really "old sch" kinda songs... which makes me think of lotsa things... when i was in pri sch, my idols were jacky cheung and andy lau.. haha.. the 4 heavenly kings from hong kong ma... den spend lotsa lotsa money on those machine to buy "golden cards" of the photos of them... haha... den of cos the excitement of getting the card tt has ur idol on it! (era early 90s).. haha.... den when in sec sch/ jc.... 2 person really marks tt era... tt is stella huang n chen xiao dong..

STELLA HUANG... i simply love her la!! she is the only person tt i have ALL her albums.. although not alot la.. and......... haha.. the only person tt i went to her "yin yue hui".. i still rem very very clearly.. its at hard rock cafe... jx join this lucky draw and have 2 tickets.. we went early to queue up n got in sitting on the floor.. den she came and sang songs la ( ahborden) haha... den when ending she throw posters to the fans la... den of cos i wan lor.. i felt tt she was looking at me for a sec or 2... den throw the posters at me! haha.... very happy.. but a guy in front... yucks... jump n catch the poster... therefore i don have.. very dui la!!! haha... and den i go to yahoo groups and join her fan club.. which is also the only fan club i ever joined.. haha!! my female frens alot don like her leh.. but don u think she is so so so so cute! from sg somemore! haha... love her song "yu yue xin fu".. its not a zhu da ge... but its very nice la! when i was in army during bmt.. i listen to her song every night til i sleep.. cos in army everywhere is guy guy and more guys... listening to her cute voice at night certainly keep this balance in me... so wen rou.. haha!!! when i join mediacorp.. i was alocated a locker.. haha.. and guess wat. she has a locker in the locker rm too! and was right opposite mine.. and i was so happy for a moment.. think i am crazy.. wah! if one day i can act wif her.. can die sia.. haha.. ok...

next daniel chan... chen xiao dong.. hmmz.. a guy tt i seriously like... or rather a role model.. don u all think he is so handsome? and most importantly... he sing very well! during sat.. when i ktv.. i kind did a "tribute to daniel chan".. haha.. sang all the songs of his tt i know in a row.. haha.. den discover tt i really like them la! he can act very well too! he is the no. 1 guy ard la! b4 the F4 era came la.. when xiao zhu came out he was touted as the chen xiao dong look-a-like if i am not wrong.. haha... an artiste tt is handsome, can act very well, can sing very well, can dance very well too! kind like the perfect artiste ar! role model! i use to try to keep the hair tt he keep, copy his dress sense n stuff.. haha.. which is y jx like long hair i think.. haha... copy chen xiao dong ma... i also wan! hahahaa...

very yi han hor.. both artistes no longer in the industry.. i know stella open cake shop in taiwan or something.. chen xiao dong.. don know him leh.. suddenly vanish.. hmmz.. those who r still in sec sch or wasn't in the "pager era"( yes i was in tt era where everyone has a pager n do voice mail/alphanumeric text everyday) to know this 2 artiste.. maybe can take note tt these 2 very fantastic pple do exist b4! haha...

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  1. Hi chengxi,

    im a super duper fan of daniel since 1996 bought all of his albums!!! chase him whenever he's in sg.
    really a pity that he had gone missing aft tt. But heard he went china to fa zhan.

    actually chen xiao dong just released a new cantonese album in HKG like earlier tis year? cos i found his many interviews & performance to "da ge" in youtube.
    and u noe the radio station also intro his 1 & only chinese new song sang after Jason Mraz eng. song "Geek In The Pink". =D

    i missed him badly too =p