Monday, June 2, 2008

59th post

Yo! i am here to post again! haha.. the above 2 photos.. is my ktv session wif the guys! haha.. u all see the 2nd photo?recognise him from a youtube video tt i posted? he is weihao la! my best fren.. his gf return from gold coast le.. she went there for half a year.. attachment exchange i think.. yups... recently work ma.. so this is kinda like after work stuff... ktv! haha..

den this i show de is work.. haha.. this is a very fun day at work... out of the few boring ones la.. haha... working at construction site.. they always have big big trucks here to clear away the unwanted lousy soil... den i ask my supervisor "where they clear it to arh?" haha.. he very impromptu lor.. suddenly shout to the truck uncle "hei, this guy follow u" haha.. den tell me " you want to know? you go!" haha.. den this is how i went up one of the big big trucks.. which is the 1st photo.. haha... den the 2nd one shows the nice uncle tt fetch me to the dumping place.. the place is at tanah merah.. the 3rd photo shows the dumping place lor.. its 2 bridges wif 2 big big boat/trailer... one bridge is for gd soil, one is for clay.. den u juz go to one of them and dump it one them.. den they will go out to open sea and pour into the water.. which makes me wonder.. den isn't we like destroying the marine life out at sea? omg! haha.. makes me realise tt how much r we actually destroying the environment.. which is quite sucky la.. either the sea goes into destruction or our IR which is suppose to generate alot of income n supposed to bring our country forward cannot be done.. i think the obvious choice is to have the IR la ( i wanna try my hand on the casino too!) but u know.. it juz feels bad tt the sea has to suffer... nvm...
ok! talking bout other stuff.. oh ya! bowling competition.. i did very very badly.. preliminary was 181 ave.. this time 120 only! y? cos i injured my hand.. i practice on thurs n i think i try to hard... my nerves was hurt.. and on sat the finger tt i hurt.. the 4th finger hurts like hell la.. and bowling.. the 4th n middle finger is very very important.. although fri i went to do acupuncture (1st time trying, i hate needles!) but it still hurt very badly.. i think i further aggravate it.. so sorry to the mediacorp team.. we lost the competition badly. i think i should have asked to substitude on fri le la.. haiz... should even have tried.. kinda trying to do the impossible bowling wif a injured nerve.. haha.. even the doctor said so... nvm.. try again next time ba..
another stuff.. sorry arh.. loh soh.. haha. long time nv post ma.. went to this gathering... it was a gathering of a jc tt is like one of the tops la.. don indicate.. haha.. the top few la.. me coming from srjc so totally felt the gap between the low jcs and tops one la.. they were talking bout harvard... cambridge.. masters... doctorate.. and most of them travel to many many places.. but i also realise something la.. haha.. all very ambitious.. none wanna work after degree.. all come out wif stunt like post grad studies or wat la! haha.. they were talking bout US ( almost all of them went b4 la!) and politics and indian boys sufferings... african boys.. ok.. i cracked a lame joke which nobody laugh.. makes me feel stupid thou.. haha.. ok.. what i learn.. actually alot of indian boys r disfigured and made to begged on the streets for the mafia... didn't know tt la.. they can't be helped too! give them money, it goes to mafia... don give.. they also jialat.. haha...
okok... talk bout african boys... but i heard is tt they are playing wif plastic bags and stones.. make a parachute thingy wif the plastic bag and tie it to a stone so they can throw n see it slowly land.. the general consenses was tt they r as happy as a normal singapore kid wif nintendo dc or psp... haha... makes me wonder... one really don need much money to be happy arh? tot bout it quite long.. den i think.. yeah.. the african kid r happy cos they didn't know psp or nintendo dc exist... if they know.. u think they will be happy wif their hand-made parachute? n they can't even afford a ball of any kind? i think they will feel so inferior la! so i think in sg.. haha.. u kinda need money to be happy.. i don have psp or nintendo ds la.. but i do know... so i yearn for one.. some goes... rich kid of my age have nice flashy cars le.. and i have to slog it out for my lousy bike.. haha.. if i do not know tt they have flashy cars without having to work for it maybe i will be happy wif my little bike? haha.. but the fact tt i know.. and after this gathering.. makes me realise tt the pple ard travel ard the world... see the world and talk bout world wide issue and me? haha.. hole up in sg... know nth much outside... kinda an experience tt makes me felt like i am an african kid who was shown a psp and could nv own one... haha.. but honestly.. am very glad i attended... cos hei! a great leap in knowledge and a improvement to my personal well being right? hee... ok! now i shall be a hard working african kid trying to get into the city n get wat i wan.. hmmz.. juz another question in my head.. will i be happy if me this "african kid" work very hard.. give up lotsa things n spend quite some time to finally getting his desired "gaming tool".. will he be happy? haha... no one knows.. food for tot! haha...


  1. Wah the first 2 pictures like taken in the 1980's =)

  2. hmm. sometimes, if we have no money, we can always read the newspapers/internet for general knowledge lah.. gathering with diff kind of ppl also can help to expand our knowledge.. that's why u muz be a good listener.. i enjoy listening to ppl talk. haha

    budden, if u really feel like a african boy, then WORK HARD!! but i find it no harm juz becos we cant travel to other countries and experience their lives.

    yupp. so juz be yourself lah.. dun have to do wad other ppl are doing. find your own aims and goals. ok? heh. jia you! =)