Wednesday, May 21, 2008

55th post

To rongbo... see the package above? i receive this from my manager.. i was like... wah!! haha... and den i bring it home.. open it up and......
TADA!!! as wat is mentioned here.. "frb"sent fu wah all the way to me from beijing.. .1st time i have china fan.. 1st time i have china fan giving me stuff too! the feeling is like magical.. cos china is like so far? haha.... cute! oh no ( i gave myself away cos i have soft toy liking) haha...... its nice... hahaha.....

i understand tt its a hard time china is going thru now.. rongbo muz be feeling terrible right? my parents did tear when watching the news.. i am so upset tt i avoid watching.. the stories of drinking blood to stay alive... cutting up own limbs and stuff... seriously.. its a big big tragedy... my sichuan lab mate!!! plz be fine! i still wanna see u all when i start sch in august!! oh mine... i am advocating humans to love the natural world more.. do not abuse them or they will take revenge... i don wan humans to be wiped out like dinosaurs la!!! but the truth is... most gov in the world r more concern about economic.. about power and other nifty gifty stuff other den the environment... hmmz... hope countries can get together n work towards a better tomorrow!! hee...
ok! back to wat i am working on right now.. this is the marina IR site... my company is gonna do the foundation for the MRT station in it.. its my 1st visit here... hee... although is a 5 mins walk away from my current work place... hehe...
the nice view from the IR to be... haha.... not bad right? juz now the ground i am standing on now is mud mud n more mud.. haha....
this is wat i guess la! i guess it is one of the building of the marina sands.... haha... keep this picture n view the difference 2 years later when its built... its all very amazing tt how each piece or concrete n steel can make up such nice buildings.. hee..

okok... updating on my life.... recently very tired when i got home... work is boring.. haha... ops... have to wake up early too!! was so frustrated about something la.. i was watching a hongkong dvd "chu han jiao xiong" its a tvb 2004 blockbuster! very very nice.. its about ancient chinese war.. and when i finish set A... 15 episodes... so eager for the next 15.. i realise tt the shop made a mistake and gave me 2 set A in the package instead!!! OMG!!!! how am i going to catch the last 15 episodes!! haha.. am very hooked on it la..

Tonight champions league final... manchester united vs chelsea!! obviously i am a die hard die hard man utd fan!! man utd go go go!!! will be staying up to watch it! haha... it was like yday only when man utd got the treble in 1999... but its 9 years ago!!! scary.. i remember watching it also!! haha... MAN UTD FOREVER!!!


  1. Wah liao your boss so goood!The soft toys are so cute!My cousin went to China once and had a bigger version of the toys!Good 4 you!

    ps i support Man U too! XD

  2. Yalor, the Sichuan victims are very pity, i watch the taiwan charity show, wanted to donate also, but too far, but lucky this coming sun we got charity show on tv, can call to donate.

    But don't know why must have to pay extra fee. People who wish to donate may reconsider because of the extra fee. Haiz...

    Anyway, hope this sun mediacorp can get a lot of donation.

    Yesterday i watched wan quan yu le, super angry man, the people at sichuan there already so pity, yet, a teenager in china still scold those victims, i think someone post it on youtube. The teenager so evil, haiz...why there is such ppl on earth? Don't she scare of retribution? Haiz...

  3. Manchester utd win the champion league!! i feel happy for them! they deserved it!!!They played beautiful attacking football:))

  4. u should watch GU LING JING TAN!!
    it's very nice! a quite-new detective show, featuring Guo Jing An and Guo Xian ni.. nice nice. haha jia you for work ya!

  5. sichuan stuff is sad.. not bcuz of your post i dont know its so serious till have to drink own blood man.. haix.. .. mayb recently too busy..

    hope everything really gonna be fine.. and dont have any more earthquake pls!!

    Man U has lost i heard? true bo? :P

    toYYs toYY.. kiddy u! ahhaah~ i like cute cute kind 2!! esp those idiotic eyes! see le so happY!`

    and truely agree with u in protecting the environment lar`!~