Friday, May 16, 2008

54th post...

Below are photos taken during attachment this week!

Taken at my company store at tuas.. hee.. tts where is draw my protective equiqment la.. which is wat i am wearing in the photo.. haha....

This is me n my fellow attachment buddy in the middle.. carris.. haha.. the gal behind her is grad le la.. full time.. we are gonna attend this safety course.. i am so enthu bout my protective gear tt i wear them indoor too! haha... the guy in checkered shirt behind looking at us is a senior engineer.. who is my direct boss now la.. hee... yups...
At site.. see the red/white silo(barrel) behind? my office is a container situated right under it.. any car passing by ecp marina area can see ba.. haha.. wif a big zhao yang geotech word paste on the silo.. haha..

See this machine? this is practically wat i am gonna do for the next 2 mths.. inject cement and water mixture in the ground... deep inside.. to make the ground harder... if not marina area here is reclaim land.. the ground too soft to build any major thingy.. yups.. dirty right? haha.. cos while pumping in.. alot mud and air will rush out to the surface... creating something like a "volcano" reaction thingy.. haha.. .bubbles emerging from the piece of land n the whole land looks liquid.. hee... the process is call jet grouting.. yups.. hee...

ok! long time didn't blog.. haha.. got loads of things to say.. not forgetting muz 1st apologise to the cchs chinese drama de pple.. sorry!! i can't go n support u all on sat... cos got this event i had to attend.. sorry sorry k? hmmz....

Did you all see this picture i took! this is one big monstrous lizard! it crawl into my air-con 2 weeks back and was hit by maybe a fan or something inside n it fell down from my air-con to the floor.. blood stains ard... i tot its dead... if not badly injured... but no! something fell out from the lizard.. which is the tail shown below... omg... haha.. it kept running ard.. wanted to kill it at 1st... but in the end nv.. spray alot of perfume on it ( i don know y, don have insecticide tot it might work the same?) haha... in the end i trap it.. and slip a paper below this box n carry it away to outside n let it go.. i am so amazed la.. the tail is still wriggling alot after falling off from the main body.. haha

The tail as mentioned above...

i said i spend a night making ikea cupboard right? this is the plastic cupboard i wanna replace.. u can try to see or guess wats inside.. haha.. don wanna say.. very maluating.. haha.. but there is a drawer full or stuff tt fans gave me since staridol started til now.. haha.. and i transfered them! haha... i like woody woody stuff de.. so this new wooden cupboard makes me very happy.. nice? haha..

this is when i 1st wear the suit.. haha.. how do i look? haha... post soon... tataz...


  1. Wah! You spray so much perfume on the lizard,won't you scare later will attract even more lizards to your house? Because the lizard smell too good... haha...

    So good of you, still keeping all the gifts given by your fans... but hor, although you keep them in a cupboard, inside your cupboard still look a bit messy,hehe...No offend huh!

    Also, it looks quite dangerous to work at the worksite, must take care!

  2. the lizard is soooo er xin..hee
    how much u brought for tat wooden cupboard? is look nice...u put it in ur bedroom hah? wow.. then ur room is big leh.. jiayou for ur attachment days.. u now at which site.. isn't working on downtown extension line?


  3. u look nice...

  4. Why don't you try 'dissceting'the lizard tail?(if you havent thrown it away)

  5. Hi!
    cheng xi u look so cool!
    do take care!

  6. hhaha~ the lizard is funny!~
    i did happened found a lizard stucked n 'DRy' on the wall like sort of 'biao ben' behind my bedroom door..

    think is one day i accidentally bang the door and and it crawled past so it died there.. dont know should say poor thing or its unlucky.. LOL!