Tuesday, May 13, 2008

53th post!

hi everyone! sorry arh.. a quick post.. no cable to transfer all my photos tt i taken into my com... SIANZ!!!! haha... today i finally did a " phua chu kang" haha.. i took photos la! Dying to post them! its farnie!!! my attachment i am given a yellow helmet, yellow boots and luminous vest.. will be going to marina downtown mrt line to work from tml onwards! haha...

Anyway... thanks so so so so much for the attendance today! from wat i know.. we created the highest attendance rate for "wei wo du zhun"... thanks to everyone who attended... and sorry if there is miscommunications along the way of ticket distribution.. hee.. i am very happy la..

Today actually reminds me alot of my staridol days... coming out from reception.. long long nv nv did tt le.. i rem when i 1st started staridol, came out.. alot of other contestants are approached by fans... i just walk away n no one notice... until the 3rd time, someone came to me " erm.. nicholas de queue very long, can u shun bian sign for me?" haha... although it might come across as hurting but its actually very happy for me! i always always rem tt moment.. i replied " you really want my signature? " den she say " yarh"... 1st time i sign for someone la! meaningful... today i saw so many pple.. want my signature/ tk photos.. i am actually very happy la! deep down seriously want to sign for everyone and take photo wif everyone.. Can i hereby apologise to those who i fail to take photo wif? hmmz... Today actually i signed and prepared 100 my autograph photo to give away de.. but no one take from me leh.. haha... den i bring home all 100.. haiyo... hmmmz... Tot someone said want to take from me... hahahaa... anyway... so sorry tt i like don wish to take more photo today.. cos actually i came out late... den haven have dinner... my parents n family actually reached coffee shop at my house there le.. so kinda rushing off to meet them... but just nice la.. i reach they juz stand up from the table.. god!!! i am so famished now.. but anyway... so sorry k? sorry for those tt i disappoint... semi-finals i will be there again.. soon will open the request for tickets again!! Hope i can make everyone happy den! hee... thank you everyone for today... seriously... thanks!


  1. Just Now, saw your news video in xin.sg...
    ur sound look like "sore throat"..
    are u eating when u're doing ur InterView..? anyway, add oil in your work..!!
    jia yooooo....

  2. Yesterday Jia Xi performance is good. My mum always said he got the nicest smile, if there is a nicest smile award, they should give it to him. But don't know why all the titles were given to yuan suai, must give other a chance right? If like that, he definitely will win, then others put in so much effort also no use right? I hate those competition that need voting, i feel so unfair!

  3. chengxi..
    Last nite actually I wanna to show u those photos that we took n I took for u during ur staridols period.. but when u came out.. fans were surrounding u.. & u was rushing wif ur gf.. too bad.. so sad & u almost forget to take pic wif me.