Saturday, May 10, 2008

52nd post..

Yo everyone.. i see tt on the tag board has being like questions on when i will be online... hmmz.. certainly would like to be able to say a time... but... going online to me is like on impulse de la.. haha.. also hard to say.. i believe in fate.. so if i am fated to be online as the same time as u do.. den tada!!! we will have a nice chat! hee.. so far i had fun msn-ing.. there r some nice pple, farnie pple.. weird pple sometimes.. haha... i guess i chatted wif quite a no. of pple le right? hee..

Anyway.. wanna talk about 2 movies tt i watched... "Iron man" and "made of honour".... both r very very nice show... "Iron man" is showing a pure genius of this guy.. and how he wasted his life until someone died in front of him to save him den he realise he should waste life anymore.. which leads to him creating iron man.. he is rather cocky ( which i realise nowadays is cool or suave in girls eyes).. haha.. i seriously think girls juz like bad guys.. guys tt r a bit cocky.. huai huai de... haha... although i know a fren wif fetish for nerds.. haha..

For "made of honour".. its a sappy love story kinda show.. A guy who plays ard realise tt they one he love is the one who is always beside him.. yeah... i admit although this plot is old until cannot, to the point its corny.. but i am touched.. very touched by this show... see the similarity of both show? both lead actor in the end realise tt the someone who is always beside them is the one they love.. although both r like playing ard wif girls b4 they realise la.. haha... It kinda sets me thinking.. every girl wants their prince charming.. every guys wants their girl-wif-angelic-face-and-devil's-figure... but serious.. western films, eastern films... The general plot for alot alot of movies r like this.. u always in the end realise tt a particular someone beside u is the one tt brings u laughters n share ur sorrows and u actually do love the person.. hmmmz.. maybe i grow up le ba... realise tt... hei.. its actually true... wats wif prince charming or princess... or watever... there is no ideal gal or Mr perfect/right ard... Those who r reading this blog, i urge u to take a look ard... girls... ask yourself... is there a guy who is always there for you no matter wat for quite a long period of time? who you claims tt they r your bestest fren? cos in most cases... they love/like u... seriously.. if not they would rather hole themselves at home dota-ing/online or sleeping/soccer den put in effort in you... maybe they r not wat you wanted.. but when you found your "mr right" maybe he is the one tt you r most comfortable wif instead of Mr prince charming? guys... same here... is there a girl who do the same for you? who you call everyday to ask "today got what homework arh?"... who is there for you to listen to your grievances or teaching you how to get the girl of your dream? they are also most probably putting you in their heart... Find out b4 its too late! haha...

Anyway.... Those who forward me emails for the tickets on monday, if u haven receive a reply from jiaxi yet, plz kindly email him again at and indicate tt he haven reply or did he receive your previous request? cos there r enough tickets.. no worries! hee... enjoy your weekend everyone! nites! (i juz use 3.5 hours to put together a ikea cupboard myself, from 3 til now) haha.....


  1. I don't believe in so called "Prince Charming", usually what you wish for and reality is a big gap. Haha...How ideal is ideal? Looks or characters? I always told my friends, good looking guys can only see, cannot be bf. Haha...

    And i don't believe in those mushy words like "you are gift from god" or "love you forever". I think to every girl they like they will say the same things, isn't it?

    In this world really got everlasting love? I doubt so! When together, will say until as if you are the whole world, after break up, tell another girl the same thing again. Haiz... like this still call "i will only love you"?

    I think regardless guys/girls, should not make empty promises, if can't do it then don't make any.

  2. "i guess i chatted wif quite a no. of pple le right? hee.." --> not me wor. . :P hahaha~~~

    hmm.. the sharing is meaningful. . i do have deep thought abt it. . maid of honour my fren wanna watch too. .coming another i found nice lar. . 'Accuracy of Death'. . wanna jio the guy i like to watch. . but seems like he no interest in me , , cuz all along we chatted quite happy and getting closer n closer le.. till i sort of confess le. . then he like suddenly coolllllddd le. .. he also abit nerdy type de wor btw >,< . . but he is fun to chat with. . kekeke~~

    mayb,... im just not his white HALLS princeSs . . sigh*. .

    last but not least. . Thnx for the TiCKz... thts a great appreciation for your bro!

  3. haha yes!
    i seriously believe in fate too!
    that's why now also haven chat/met you..
    cos we no fate. =x
    k lah. hmm, iron man seems nice after reading ur review eh. haha.
    yup yup, everytime watch tv, will have such scenarios where opposite genders are good frens(and it's often one of them likes the other).. but in real life.. really got ah? hmm. mayb i not exposed to society enough. hah. hope u aint one of them arh! if so, go grab ur happiness!!! =x