Tuesday, May 6, 2008

50th post!

this 50th post! dedicated to my beloved brother.. haha.. his next round of competition... wei wo du zhun! i am going to watch!! yeah!! haha... who wans to go support him too!! i got tickets for free!! haha.. juz email me cheng_xi07@yahoo.com.sg how many tickets u wan and i will direct them to my brother for him to give u all! leave your contact no. down too! yups! muz go watch! its the last round b4 the semi finals le... my brother!! hope u win!! he has put in lotsa hard work... support JX!!!! haha.. oh yarh..

happy today!!! did a gd deed.. hee... donated $1000 to SPCA... always wanted to help little animals.. although pple keep saying me got human don save y save animals.. but i tot... $1000 can help lotsa animals la... to human.. maybe not much.... its more life saved instead isn't it? don know bout tt.. its my winning for "the showdown" which i promised on tv to donate it out!! i think its coming on screen soon on channel 5... do catch it!! haha.. its rather cute la!! haha....

think i will go indulge in my fav hobby later... which is to watch animal planet til i fall aslp!! simply love looking at sharks and whales.. juz so amazing la.. underwater world is juz so different and it felt so serene... although not tt peaceful looking at how great white shark leap out of water to eat the seals... or killer whales using their tail to flick dead sails around to break all their bones to aid eating... haha... haha.. found out tt i actually know lotsa useless fact from all those watching arh... New tv today!!! mummy bought a 42 inches plasma tv... OMG... its huge for my living rm la!! it used to be a 26 inches lcd tv i won in a mediacorp DnD... hee... shall go enjoy the new found enjoyment right at my living rm!! haha... happy day!


  1. Hii! cheng xi...
    you must have confidence in your results!!
    i believe you will do well!!
    anyway, i am also having my exams.
    so, i gotta go and study..
    will comment another day, BYE!

  2. chengxi, its me again...
    i just added you.. please accpet.. as a FRIEND!

  3. Hope Jiaxi can win for the last round b4 semi final.
    Support him never end^^ U too must jia you as well for ur coming attachment...Good Luck^^


  4. i wan i wan~~~ can gib me 2?? wahahaha~~

    (~o ̄▽ ̄)~o