Saturday, May 3, 2008

49th post

hi everyone.. its me! chengxi... exams over!! but this time not tt relieve... cos i know i did badly la.. haha.. but its ok.. cos although i put in effort.. but thru out the sem nv pay attention in class... haha... bad student... but ok la.. since i am not on the verge of getting kick out of sch (i was for the pass 3 sems).. so its fine!! haha.. juz hope to pass...

anyway... after exams i slept... den went for a midnight movie.. didn't had any movie in mind thou.. went kallang leisurepark... is it wat its call now? haha.. don know.. love the yogurt there... will post pics next time... had yogurt @ yoguru n some donuts @ donuts donuts... haha... after tt went to buy tics... the timing tt suited me was "dance of the dragon" or "doomdays" but hei... doomdays? i don know wat is it but hear the name sianz liao... so chosed dance of the dragon.. its fann wong show la! am a fan of hers! last time when i was much younger.. did acted as extra b4.. when i was at the wardrobe there.. she smile at me wif her "xiao long nu" costume cos she was filming condor heroes at tt time.. i was like super mezmerized la.. and tt day.. while doing charity or something.. we were on the same stage n many pple were taking photos.. i saw her by my side la.. wanted so much to take photo wif her.. tell the pple ard me i wish to.. everyone was like "go go! juz go ahead".. den when i finally walked beside her.. someone lead her away.. den i was like "haiz...." haha.... anyway... singaporean movie.. i admit i had some stereotype impression.. so when i watch the show.. i am v v v impressed... very!!! very little words were speak.. the whole show is by music... expression n stuff.. which make me learn a great deal cos unless u have a variation of expression n can "talk" wif ur eye.. its impossible to do this show... u can't possibly be giving the same expression all the time right? was very impress wif the 3 lead's acting.. wif the cinematography n wif the whole mood.. its a great movie la.. totally beyond my expectation.. so here i urge everyone to go watch it! haha...

anyway from the tag i see tt i have a china fan!! who take notes of me to the details!! wah.. surprise surprise!! but where she find staridol de arh.. mobtv don have.. so sad.. when staridol tt time i don have dvd recorder... so now wanna watch also v hard... haha.. thanks for the support!! all the way from the land of dragon...

show u all my best fren!!! best best best fren!! weihao!! haha.. he did a farnie singing video!! hee..

going for attachment in 1 week.. 12th start le... its approved... 1st week will be at tuas learning... 2nd week onwards.... will be at cbd de construction site.. tt day i went pass.. its at cross street... at lau pa sat there... looks nice! its the downtown mrt line coming up soon... i saw barrels of "i still don know wat" inside it.. very tall n on top of it is my company name "zhao yang geotech".. if u all pass by can take a look! haha.. i will be spending 9 weeks here working on the mrt... so next time when its ready.. do know tt chengxi here put in effort to built it for u all de arh.. haha.... sounds exciting.. n gd too ( cos will be paid 1k every mth ma).. haha...

thinking of spending the money liao.. heheheee.. mother's day is coming... wat should i get for my grandma leh.. headache... any suggestions? don wan flowers cos getting it all the time.. birdnests/tonics r all given b4... any creative ideas? i love my grandma!!! love my mummy too! haha... show u all my grandma...


  1. HaHa,told my mother i was going to give her a 1 in the world only present...Guess what?A math exam paper done by me!!!(yah what,world only got 1 mah xD)I hope i will get good grades,because i used to have 60,then jump to 75,then jump to 86!Hahars,wish me goodluck!xD

  2. This time dun waste $$$ buying thing.. U can learn some dishes & cook for ur grandmom & mom.. they will be very happy if u put in effort to cook for them.


  3. Exam over relax lo.. U can use ur own hand do something out. Hmm.. Maybe like doing rose using paper. I love my grandma too.. But she had gone to a far far places. Love a person need not to sae out. Do it and prove it. Once awhile eat dinner outside. Talk to them about ur sch things. Tell them about ur funny friends beside u. I always did tt to my aunt. My grandma is gone and onli one left is my aunt. So I gt to take care of her no matter wat happen. Same to u wor!! Chat wif u online soon.

  4. make a card for ur grandma

  5. oh ya,yesterday i have a nice chat with u :), y u still haven't online :( (sob)

  6. cinematography.. chimology. . :p
    hahaha i like yogurt too~

    u working in lau pa sat there arh?
    wahh wad build the road.. dont tell me its the 'BROKEN' road which annoys me everyday with the Kweng Kwen sound when i off work gua? =.='' anw its still a good news! wad time u off work?? upadte can? mayb can bump on u man!yahoo! .<( ̄︶ ̄)>.

    mother's day arh.. hmm.. i will suggest u can buy massaging stuff ? for budget line can go Action City there buy the cartoon massage!! nice ! i bought one for mum last yr! cute and portable!

    for your mum.. mayb can play a small trick.. say u meeting her for shopping at somewhere near a facial shop which u already help her make appt .. then ask the staff inside helped u 'bluff' her they hunting for some facial model!!! :p :p :p (provided she will try also.. kekek)

    then after the facial then put a mirror in front of her n say : "Happy Mother's Day to my BIG BEAUTY!" how's tht? =u=_v~

  7. haha. hope ur attachment not tough leh. construction site.. must be careful ok?! hehe.
    oh, u can make a collage(correct spelling?) of family photos! though i think the time is limited ahhh.. hahah.

  8. Hi there! What about bringing your grandma and mother out for a meal? I know it's abit of a cliche, but having a decent meal together and chatting over the table sounds good!! (hopefully you think that way too!!) haha.. ohh.. almost forgot.. restaurants must be fully booked now ah? hmm.. Have you thought of cooking personally for them?
    No matter what you give them or did for them, I reckon they will appreciate your 心意!!


  9. u can bring them go out .eg the place they want to go/like to go or they did't go before..

  10. Hi chenxi,

    If you are artistic enough, you can make a card or make something with your own hand. I feel this then can show your sincerity. Even if you do something simple they also will feel happy, because to them you will always be their precious son and grandson!


  11. mm,u can bring them out to the place that they like to go or bring them goto the place that they didn't go before...

    and make them happy...

  12. give a surprise party/dinner that is make by ur self :) maybe she will be v v v v v v happy

  13. hey u can try to buy a earings or pendant at perlini silver. bought it for my mum last year.price is affordable too.. =))

    hope you get gd results!! =))