Tuesday, April 29, 2008

48th post..

Today i went to support my brother at his "wei wo du zhun".. haha.. i came late n juz sat behind wif my family lor.. realise tt watching it live is like so much better on screen la! my brother did well in my opinion.. disappointed that the marks reflected didn't really justify his performance... kinda felt bu gan yuan for him.. haha... maybe its because of me.. i tot maybe it might be a factor ba.. tt pple r more unforgiving towards him cos they might tot "hei, his brother is a artiste le, maybe he got a upper hand?" and den tend to give him lower marks? hmmz.. a food for tot.. i nv tot of this b4 leh.. until today someone mentioned it to me... hope its not the case la! haha.. go brother! proud of your performance today!!!

updating about my exams... so far... left 2 papers.. 1 on wed ( the more difficult subjects out of my nine) and 1 on fri.. which i intend to touch on it only after wed's paper... anyway.. gtg mug! 2nd of may... looking forward so much to it... and yups... thinking of joining a poker tournament in smu this coming may 10th... still comtemplating.. $50... hmmz.. should i? should i not? hmmz... haha....


  1. good luck for your exam...

  2. Everyone got their own comment.. Y care so much.. Juz do wat we can and that's it.. Aniway, all the best to both of u.. Miss u..

  3. when your brother ties up his hair,
    he looks exactly like you!! omg...
    i gotta admit that you are a good actor. i am confident that you and your brother are going to be the best actors!!!and aren't you lucky that you are previously paired with 3 of the 7 princesses..
    A Million Treasures-Felicia Chin
    Like Father,Like Daughter-Joanne Peh
    Just In Singapore-Fiona Xie
    i will comment some other time... BYE!!=)

  4. by the way, this is my email...
    please add me..

  5. Don't worry,I'll B Bhind yr bro 4 ever!Good luck in yr exams and in everything you do!:)

    p.s.I don't think u shuld join tat poker game:(

  6. I rly wanted 2 b an artiste lor...Got no chance.........sad..sob sob...Anw,u n yr bro seems lyk vry close lor.I always quarrel wib my bro de...XP


  7. haha go lar!!! got 50 BUGS lexh! poker tournament sounds fun man~ support u!~ :o

    btw think u really sleep vely de 'EARLY' man . . . just realize your posting time is 2am! sleep more u owl~ haha~ if not how to take ur exam w/o dozing. . :o


    hmm.. looking forward tmr also . .hope to see u online wor~~~~ wakakkakak~~~

    >>>>> ╭══╮    
    ╭╯ΘΘ ║
    ╰⊙═⊙╯。oοО○● ~~ Ganabtte!!

  8. Hmm,
    Can I asK..?
    Your Brother and you is it Twins..?
    anyway, add oil in your exam.. gd luck.~~'m also Going to exam soon.

  9. Give urself a try in poker on 10may.. if can I will like to go n support u^^