Tuesday, April 22, 2008

47th post..

1stly, to the cchsm pupils who helped me find the script, its already found!!! haha... my cousin msged me 2 days ago to tell me le.. don know u all know already a not.. found le! no need find le.. thanks so much! haha...

anyway.. 3 paper down.. haha.. once again.. didn't do well.. but got chance to pass.. if pass can le.. since i only wan to clear the subjects n not to fight for honours or wat.. haha.. 4 more papers to go!! haha... faster finish leh... haha..

btw.. i heard U-weekly got me n my braces thingy.. haha... n my mom say the pic v er xin.. haha.. so farnie... i got this new fetish la.. i tried it on my bro, my mom n my best fren le... it is to tk hp n while they r sleeping, use my finger to poke their face.. turn their nose, play wif their face in general la.. i realise tt usually they won know de.. unless u go touch the eye.. haha.. so fun!! i had this video of my brother kena tease by me.. trying to remove the sound den upload.. cos he said some nasty stuff after he wakes up.. haha... anyone know how to remove the sound? anyway.. i also nv upload into com yet.. haha.. busy la.. exams.. my body clock is like now direct opposite of normal pple.. sleep at morning 7 plus 8... haha...

btw.. feel so bad tt i nv go support my brother thru his "you are the one".. exams ma.. i think for his 4th round i can make it le! haha... next week so sorry arh.. hee... maybe can la.. can try.. yups! hope he does well this time round! am sure its not all about muscles n 6-packs right? hope so la! haha... if not tt will be so shallow la... haha... do well bro!! wushu again this time round.. bow down!! haha... gtg!! continue reading my notes n sleep soon! see ya everyone!


  1. do u like putting on braces?

  2. hi... "Victor" here... haha... wanna upload video without sound... simple... u need to download a software... den it can remove the sound... it u wan the software can email me... :D my email is limchristopher73@msn.com

  3. Heyhey, 4more papers to go rite.. Yao Jia You wor.. so nice of u go and support ur bro in "You are the one". My family don even wan to support mi den.. Hahazz.. Ok.. Study hard wor.. but oso muz take care ur own health. Without heathly body u can work well.


  4. If you got abit time, go mediacrop n support ur bro wif us.. ur bro will be happy n we are glad to see u there too^___^
    All the best for ur coming papers



  5. maybe u can consider opening his eyes with fingers~ i/o poking or touching his eyes too 'da li'~ :p bleah~

    so fun. . if me i will even draw the face!!! :D` but only those can play one lar~ ehehehehe

    study hard and btw, not 6 pax.. also must at least have 6 traits!~ :X forgive me to say that. . cuz i think there is one arm-mole inside the contest very STRONG in his rank. . (cuz of the 6 PACKS?) gee.. . . .@@! could be~ ~

    alrite! gao ci liao!bye

  6. You and your brother are just as cute!!:)love you guys...

  7. how is your exam ?