Friday, April 18, 2008

46th post

Ok! time for some ranting.. haha.. wan to juz vent my frustration.. today hor my 2nd paper... i really did very badly.. out of 3 years in ntu.. this is the most "i don know how to do" paper! and its so easy la.. i practice all the question 1 n 2 of the pass-year exam paper.. 3 i practice half.. 4 i read thru.. but becos of the morning rain, i could not ride to the the exam hall, which disrupt my normal practice of memorising formula half an hr b4 the exams! i juz glance at it.. thinking i am very smart.. but when i went in.. i forgot all the very basic formula but rem a bit of the hard ones.. and den.. the basic one is always the start of a question wat.. get stuck in front and tts it.. all 4 questions i am stuck! haha.. so gonna fail this foundation engineering.. ok ok.. forget it.. haha..

i got 5 more papers coming up, 9 subjects.. fail one.. hopefully the rest can cover up.. hee.. i think hor.. my studying habits really getting from bad to worse.. last time i will study like 3 days b4 de lor.. now until 2 days b4 i still no mood.. look at notes also nth goes in.. even until the day b4.. i still very relax.. always muz left 12 hrs le den start to gan chiong n study.. but haiyo.. how to finish one whole subjects in 12 hrs leh.. haha... this is a wake up call.. a wake up call for the 5 papers coming up.. hee... don know y sure fail le still nv upset leh.. haha.. quite happy cos have being very stress but now got 3 days b4 next paper...

anyway, saw the pictures below? those r from the cchsm day de lor.. i posted some only la.. some blur or like got repeated de i nv post lor.. yups yups.. hee.. hope u all like it... tml morning i am going to put on permanent braces le.. oh... hopefully its ok... den am going for a hair cut plus treatment at orchard in the afternoon.. hhaa.. wanna relax a bit la.. hee...

lastly! i regret buying my w910i la! for all you info.. its still in the box n i haven open it yet.. haha.. cos i still using my old nokia 7390 ma.. i was walking pass this sony ericsson shop hor.. den i saw this white w910i leh.. i love it at 1st sight la! my fav colour has always been white! die die.. haha... who got fren wanna buy w910i black colour de? ask them buy the white one la! i exchange wif them.. warranty n everything still intact! haven fill in also.. brand new nv use b4 de.. haha.. erm.. i can top up money.. eh.. let say $40? okok? haha.. i so wanna get the white one la.. but i think no one wanna exchange de la.. bet they will love the white one too... haha..

anyway, i saw pple spamming and like got pple like "u sux" come say bad thing about me n stuff.. nvm lor.. haha... juz let them be la.. don be angry k? since whoever wanna tag also can, i am prepared to see those le la.. haha... yups! will try to tag more! haha... seeing pple urging me to post or tag more makes me feel missed arh.. haha... got pple miss me wor.. haha... although yups.. i should concentrate on me studies.. ok ok.. crucial period all the way to 2nd of may!! gambatte chengxi!!!! haha.....


  1. w910i got white one meh? issit another model? the 580i?
    actually i like the 580i too.. but they say the key pad always crack. but it's so nice lah! haha.
    okay, it's only one paper..
    JIA YOU for the rest of exams!! GOGOGO~~~ =D

  2. hello chengxi..dun be too sad..since it's alreadi over
    jus try ur best for the rest of the paper..

    i realised you posted 2 photo the same..hehe

    All the best for the rest of your paper and do hope 2nd may do cum soon so you can relax le..LOL

    Do take care
    support you

  3. There is up and down in life.. Same to studies. So try harder. u can do it. u sae u r from bad to worse. How abt mi? I don even wan to attend sch. and end fail two module.

  4. Hi,
    Haha..i also always no mood to study until very last minute also cannot go into my head..
    Ai, we same..i also like white colour thingy..Chastity and Pure..haha..Don't give up, sure will people xchange wif uu with your popularity..hee..
    Last of all, jia you for your upcoming exams!


  5. hahaha i strongly agree with tt : 'the basic one is always the start of a question wat.. get stuck in front and tts it..'

    im lazy too. . dont know what to say. . but since you've already WET your HEAD! pls study harder dude! =.=''

    hahah~~~~ anw We wiLl stiLl MisS UuUuuuU ! :x .. ⊙﹏⊙

  6. all the best for you exams!!! You know who i am right! ;) add me to ur msn okok. ;)