Sunday, April 13, 2008

44th post!

hi everyone, can't help blogging today... am gonna juz post 1 post and go back to mug.. haha.. today is a really really happening day for me!! i went to the cchsm ( now call cchms i think) bazaar! i did a little performance.. okok... I reach there in the midst of a very heavy rain... when i reach... got lotsa pple taking photos of me! oh mine.. i realise that actually pple do like me la! after the role su ding yi.. pple ard me got tell me i am more popular le and stuff.. but today... its a day in a long long time (since staridol) that i felt that " hei, i am a star arh.." haha....

ok... i reach... did some photo taking and signing of autographs.. den was ushered to a rm to rest... discuss the little skit performance with the drama club pple and stuff.. was quickly asked to go for the performance to receive an token of appreciation from the principle.. its actually very meaningful to me as i wasn't a gd student to begin wif in cchs last time.. to receive the token actually meant tt after i grad, i was actually doing something gd and now became useful to the sch.. its actually a very very important moment for me!

ok.. i went on to try to sing.. which i stopped after 3 lines due to a very bad sore throat.. i think pple who went will know tt b4 i went up to the stage i cough like i was going to die la... i kept controlling my cough on the stage.. and i was actually nervous la.. trying to keep it down and try to entertain everyone.. haha... today... hmmz.. let me try to recall names... thanks madel for bringing me water and taking care of me... thanks cherie the counsellor who escorted me ard the whole day who took care of me very well too! and misha and frens for the support? and shernise... haha... for those who i forgot ur name... sorry sorry arh... am really touched to receive all those support today... i love cchsm!!! haha.... going back to sch today really bring back lotsa lotsa memories la... am i was really touched when the cchms pupil cheered for me when i went up the stage.. you know its has always being a fear that when i go on stage no one cheer? no one watches my performance? and today after performance i was so eager that it ended tt i forgot to thank the pupils from chinese drama club who helped me! mei ren yu.. and the one who ask me y prince don wan mei ren yu.... the guy who acted as ding yi for me to act as xiu ming!! i seriously wanna thank you all alot alot... oh yarh.. i think i left my script wif you all right? if u all see this can kindly pass to amelia from 3cr my cousin? hee... i seriously wanna thank u all alot la... don know how to repay the favour today... if i have the time today.. wanna treat you all drinks or food.. too bad today is really a whirlwind visit for me... thanks cchsm!! thanks for letting me have a chance to have the satisfaction that i actually did helped for the construction of the new building... i hereby take a bow to all cchms student who helped me today... all who supported me today... oh yarh.. i took quite some photos today also.. too bad i don have any... i wanna have them la.. to those who took photos wif me today.. can you all kindly email the photos to me? my email is if wanna add me msn is but msn i will only go online and approve after may 2nd ok? cos exams arh.. so sorry...

plz send me the photos thru email... looking forward to having some of them!! my cousin took video.. am so looking forward to it la!! seriously, although very loh soh.. thanks cchs... for letting me feel like a star... letting me feel useful to the sch.. and letting me getting involve in such a happening event which certainly became the most memorable day of 2008 for me! hee... thanks thanks!!!


  1. Feel happy for u.. Do jia you and we fan here will support u all the way.. SU DING YI!! HAha!!

  2. if only you use less of the sms shortcut form of writing... :)