Sunday, April 6, 2008

43th post. (so sorry everyone)

Hereby taking a bow.. so so sorry everyone.. very very sorry... hmmz.. it has been super duper lOooNnngg (long) time since i blogged... N guess wat, the tag board is still active!! touched! really! and finally announcing what hp i buy.. I bought a sony ericsson!!! and of cos also a nokia! i bought 2 phones!! haha.. all in one day... For nokia, i found this seller selling a gd condition 7390 (black and brown) for $200 only.. So i snap it up this afternoon without hesitation... And thanks for advices on sony ericsson, it really open me up to the brand and yet i did some i nv do b4.. I BOUGHT A SLIP PHONE!! haha... its w910i.. yups... the black one.. was considering the red one too thou... i saw it on newspaper today that there is a starhub road show at suntec this weekend and i go there afer dinner straight i bought it straight away too! $38 only! i got $100 voucher... thanks for the advice on how to get the voucher also arh.. haha...

ok... lotsa things to say... hmmmz... lets start from the quiz i mentioned ba..

1st quiz... i did not go... heard its quite easy thou.. i was mugging the previous night and i was feeling really unwell.. when i wake up in the morning i had my asthma attack!! gosh!! i haven had it for like ages that i tot i recover from them already! went to see the doctor and was put on this smoke thingy for me to breathe in.. so far only 1 time when i was really young needed tt... Can't really rest too as tuesday quiz too! mugging again...

Quiz was quite well done!! MCQ thou.. and its chemistry.. which i am worst at! god!! luckily mcq and i am a gd guesser.. i think i will at least got 8 out of 10 la!!! but i guess only la.. haha... but.. i think everyone know how to guess la... there is always 2 answer quite smilar... den of the these 2 smilar answer there are bound to be some clue from the other 2 not smilar answer that matches a bit of one of the smiliar 2.. and most of the time.. its the answer! haha... it has been like tt for so long le... y is it always like tt? haha.. tts y i hate mcq with one of the option being "all of the above".. haha.... after that got a long day in school... After sch i have to feverish feeling...
the fever feel manageable so i juz took some panadol and continue mugging for my paper on but i can be so so wrong... mom took temperature for me.. 38.8... after a while try again, its 39... feeling terrible but i insist on going back sch hostel to continue my studies.. until when i am back.. i finally can't tk it and went to sleep..

when i wake up, my whole body feeling aching.. very painful.. and 1st time my head felt very giddy... i am coughing non-stop too. i hurried to the sch clinic and waited a painful half an hr for doctor... measure temperature again.. 39.3! gosh.. no wonder i feeling terrible la.. doctor gave me medicine and i went back took it and sleep.. miss my 3rd quiz.. Grrhhh.... don care la... felt realy terrible... 2 days mc... i went home and night at recuperate at home... keep sleeping only.. body ache so much that i felt bed-ridden.. just lie down only lor..

realise that got 1 of the module tt i took has no exams so tml have to hand in 7 essay papers and do a presentation as the final grade.. man... i went out for a breather thou.. started doing at midnight... still very sick.. but fever subsides a bit... juz tt is cougher like having TB like tt.. dying... from midnight i write n write.. all the way til 7 am i only completed 6... my eyes go blur.. and cough til vomit blood out... i think the blood from my cough kinda indicated to me tt i really can't go on anymore.. realise that presentation later is very important la!! but i really can't take it.. so i juz went to sleep. leaving 1 paper of 1500 words undone. and presentation too!

was really nervous at the lesson that i were to present... its a voice production class.. therefore projecting of voice is the key... the way of presentation also.. i did wat i always did for my past monor presentations.. go up unprepared... and juz blabber off watever tt comes to my mind.. i hand in the papers to the teacher and admitted that i really can't finish 1 of the papers and i am really sorry... He is super nice.. gave me his email and ask me not to worry or hurry.. email him after i finish can le.. i was super elated la!! and when he do a overview of the presentations done.. he gave me a very high rating.. and heap lotsa superlatives on me... many of the good points like not nervous in front of class... animated face... is wat tt i didn't realise i have n i didn't plan of or rehearse those at all... happy!!! am still feeling very sick thou

i already say on top le la.. aha... wanted to really really thank all of you here alot alot.. xinhui val really got in to the final 3 u know? i was really amazed.. xinhui wan to thank everyone here!! oh... btw... over the week i did a i-weekly cover shoot wif rui en.. i think coming out soon!! its a dream come true thing la!!! i have being reading i-weekly since its olden days of "dian shi guang po zhou kan" and now.. me on its cover!! Super super happy!!!! did a 8-days interview wif my bro too!... hehe... anyway.. its confirm bout the cchsm (now cchms) bazaar thingy... have to sing a couple of songs.. but i am not a singer leh.. can't really hit high notes... hmmz.. don know wat song to sing.. any recommendation? hmmmz... and did you all watch "you are the one"... MY BRO MY BRO... so proud of him.. haha..... support him!! heard he got criticism thou... but "go bro". hee.... i am really touched bout the tag board.. and i really read them all... thanks so much! now very tired le.. going to sleep and rest.. still sick from the cough... medicine making me drowsy... gosh...



  1. Chengxi,
    sad to hear that u have been sick for this whole week. Really so poor thing. u must really take good care of yourself ok? Don't stress up yourself. Remember to sleep early, have enough rest, drink more water & most importantly take your medicine as well.

    Hope u recover & get well very soon!
    God bless u.

  2. Ah~ Cover with RuiEn, although I don't see a direct link between the 2 of u, I guess, I'm still ANTICIPATING it a lot!

  3. Hi Chengxi,
    How have u been these days? Do u still remember me? Last time I did waited for u at mediacrop radio gate during the star idol period.
    I just added u in my msn. mine is
    Hope to have a chat wif u next time.
    U take care


  4. Hi ChengXI

    Long time no see..
    HOw have u been these days?
    Do U still remember me? I did waited for u at mediacrop radio gate during ur star idol period.
    that time i was in perm hair.. hee..hee.. now it's back to straight.
    Heard tat u are sick now.. Rest well & take care.
    I just added u in my msn. & mine is
    Hope to have a chat wif u next time..


  5. hihi chengxi kor! its mi again! hope u rmb? pei fu tat u so sick still insist 2 continue wif ur studies..must rest well first. wifout a healthy body,u cant accomplish wif ease n comfort n also even riskin ur own precious,one n only life. must get well first ok? :)

  6. hello chengxi..u pass ur fever to ur bro rite..both of u turn by turn.
    btw u mus be very happy to buy back the previou hp that u r using..btw i didnt know that u gt asthma..i had asthma b4 too when i was young..keep couging..very xin ku..haiz
    the smoke thingy i breathe b4 for quite a few times..i dun like to breathe that cos dun smell last time i breathe was last yr..btw the doctor gt giv u a spray that is use for asthma attack de?

    i gt watch "u r the one"..ytd 5pm repeat agn..i oso watch it agn..i saw frm website, ur bro said more 把握 on nxt nxt wk "ge xin ku nan" cos he the oni one that has long hair..hope he can win that.

    Knowing that u sick for so many days, i feel sad for u..sick le still nid to study for quiz..very miserable ba..and now ur bro turn to hav fever..both u n ur bro really mus take lots lots lots of drink more water..u dun drink cold drink cos asthma cannt drink cold rmb


  7. omg!
    you sounded real bad. so how's your fever now? hao yi dian le ma? better rest well ya!

    hah. so you got w910i.. same phone as me!! aiye. but.. i thought the phone not very good leh. keep hanging. and quite lag too. hope yours would be alright bah. haah.

    kk, jia you ah! and get well soon.

  8. Seems like you really need a good rest. 'xiu xi shi wei le zou geng chang yuan de lu...'

    Drink more water and rest as much as you can ya?

    The cover shot and write-up for i-weekly are both nicely done. :)

    Take good care, good night, sweet dreams...

  9. Now you so happy!I bet u would regret not joining star idol last time...

  10. Just bought i-weekly!The front cover was nice=)Like to c ur acting and i support ur bro too!I think criticism from the judges will make him better!Ask him to jia you all the way!^^

    Oh when and where is the bazaar? Wanna go and take a look.
    Btw, 貼身情人 by 張智成 is nice=) mayb u can consider to sing it.想太多 by 李玖哲 is a good choice too.

    Hope you can perform well on its day.Take care and cheers!


  11. hi, i am a fan of urs cos i tink u really did well in ur shows.. i had also bought the mag of u and rui en... u really look cute.. haha.. jia you in ur acting k.. gd luck!~

    sharon =)

  12. errrmm, i saw I-weekly just now.. sure already came.. and also, u more natural.. at the same time, u and ur bro also appear on it.. sure, u dream come true now. and also, take care of ur health.. by the way, practIse in ur couple of song... huhu!!!
    u are the best.. always support u ..

  13. feeling sick 1st: go c a doc.
    2nd: get out there to get some sunlight.
    3rd: rest more
    4th: asthma is not sth tat dun happen 4 ages n will not come fat is the oppsite.

  14. Do take care of yourself. I saw this website throught i weekly hope u don mind den. I do have asthma too. Recently, attack once. Hao Xin Ku. Mind being friends with mi? Do add mi in MSN, friendster.