Tuesday, April 29, 2008

48th post..

Today i went to support my brother at his "wei wo du zhun".. haha.. i came late n juz sat behind wif my family lor.. realise tt watching it live is like so much better on screen la! my brother did well in my opinion.. disappointed that the marks reflected didn't really justify his performance... kinda felt bu gan yuan for him.. haha... maybe its because of me.. i tot maybe it might be a factor ba.. tt pple r more unforgiving towards him cos they might tot "hei, his brother is a artiste le, maybe he got a upper hand?" and den tend to give him lower marks? hmmz.. a food for tot.. i nv tot of this b4 leh.. until today someone mentioned it to me... hope its not the case la! haha.. go brother! proud of your performance today!!!

updating about my exams... so far... left 2 papers.. 1 on wed ( the more difficult subjects out of my nine) and 1 on fri.. which i intend to touch on it only after wed's paper... anyway.. gtg mug! 2nd of may... looking forward so much to it... and yups... thinking of joining a poker tournament in smu this coming may 10th... still comtemplating.. $50... hmmz.. should i? should i not? hmmz... haha....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

47th post..

1stly, to the cchsm pupils who helped me find the script, its already found!!! haha... my cousin msged me 2 days ago to tell me le.. don know u all know already a not.. found le! no need find le.. thanks so much! haha...

anyway.. 3 paper down.. haha.. once again.. didn't do well.. but got chance to pass.. if pass can le.. since i only wan to clear the subjects n not to fight for honours or wat.. haha.. 4 more papers to go!! haha... faster finish leh... haha..

btw.. i heard U-weekly got me n my braces thingy.. haha... n my mom say the pic v er xin.. haha.. so farnie... i got this new fetish la.. i tried it on my bro, my mom n my best fren le... it is to tk hp n while they r sleeping, use my finger to poke their face.. turn their nose, play wif their face in general la.. i realise tt usually they won know de.. unless u go touch the eye.. haha.. so fun!! i had this video of my brother kena tease by me.. trying to remove the sound den upload.. cos he said some nasty stuff after he wakes up.. haha... anyone know how to remove the sound? anyway.. i also nv upload into com yet.. haha.. busy la.. exams.. my body clock is like now direct opposite of normal pple.. sleep at morning 7 plus 8... haha...

btw.. feel so bad tt i nv go support my brother thru his "you are the one".. exams ma.. i think for his 4th round i can make it le! haha... next week so sorry arh.. hee... maybe can la.. can try.. yups! hope he does well this time round! am sure its not all about muscles n 6-packs right? hope so la! haha... if not tt will be so shallow la... haha... do well bro!! wushu again this time round.. bow down!! haha... gtg!! continue reading my notes n sleep soon! see ya everyone!

Friday, April 18, 2008

46th post

Ok! time for some ranting.. haha.. wan to juz vent my frustration.. today hor my 2nd paper... i really did very badly.. out of 3 years in ntu.. this is the most "i don know how to do" paper! and its so easy la.. i practice all the question 1 n 2 of the pass-year exam paper.. 3 i practice half.. 4 i read thru.. but becos of the morning rain, i could not ride to the the exam hall, which disrupt my normal practice of memorising formula half an hr b4 the exams! i juz glance at it.. thinking i am very smart.. but when i went in.. i forgot all the very basic formula but rem a bit of the hard ones.. and den.. the basic one is always the start of a question wat.. get stuck in front and tts it.. all 4 questions i am stuck! haha.. so gonna fail this foundation engineering.. ok ok.. forget it.. haha..

i got 5 more papers coming up, 9 subjects.. fail one.. hopefully the rest can cover up.. hee.. i think hor.. my studying habits really getting from bad to worse.. last time i will study like 3 days b4 de lor.. now until 2 days b4 i still no mood.. look at notes also nth goes in.. even until the day b4.. i still very relax.. always muz left 12 hrs le den start to gan chiong n study.. but haiyo.. how to finish one whole subjects in 12 hrs leh.. haha... this is a wake up call.. a wake up call for the 5 papers coming up.. hee... don know y sure fail le still nv upset leh.. haha.. quite happy cos have being very stress but now got 3 days b4 next paper...

anyway, saw the pictures below? those r from the cchsm day de lor.. i posted some only la.. some blur or like got repeated de i nv post lor.. yups yups.. hee.. hope u all like it... tml morning i am going to put on permanent braces le.. oh... hopefully its ok... den am going for a hair cut plus treatment at orchard in the afternoon.. hhaa.. wanna relax a bit la.. hee...

lastly! i regret buying my w910i la! for all you info.. its still in the box n i haven open it yet.. haha.. cos i still using my old nokia 7390 ma.. i was walking pass this sony ericsson shop hor.. den i saw this white w910i leh.. i love it at 1st sight la! my fav colour has always been white! die die.. haha... who got fren wanna buy w910i black colour de? ask them buy the white one la! i exchange wif them.. warranty n everything still intact! haven fill in also.. brand new nv use b4 de.. haha.. erm.. i can top up money.. eh.. let say $40? okok? haha.. i so wanna get the white one la.. but i think no one wanna exchange de la.. bet they will love the white one too... haha..

anyway, i saw pple spamming and like got pple like "u sux" come say bad thing about me n stuff.. nvm lor.. haha... juz let them be la.. don be angry k? since whoever wanna tag also can, i am prepared to see those le la.. haha... yups! will try to tag more! haha... seeing pple urging me to post or tag more makes me feel missed arh.. haha... got pple miss me wor.. haha... although yups.. i should concentrate on me studies.. ok ok.. crucial period all the way to 2nd of may!! gambatte chengxi!!!! haha.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

44th post!

hi everyone, can't help blogging today... am gonna juz post 1 post and go back to mug.. haha.. today is a really really happening day for me!! i went to the cchsm ( now call cchms i think) bazaar! i did a little performance.. okok... I reach there in the midst of a very heavy rain... when i reach... got lotsa pple taking photos of me! oh mine.. i realise that actually pple do like me la! after the role su ding yi.. pple ard me got tell me i am more popular le and stuff.. but today... its a day in a long long time (since staridol) that i felt that " hei, i am a star arh.." haha....

ok... i reach... did some photo taking and signing of autographs.. den was ushered to a rm to rest... discuss the little skit performance with the drama club pple and stuff.. was quickly asked to go for the performance to receive an token of appreciation from the principle.. its actually very meaningful to me as i wasn't a gd student to begin wif in cchs last time.. to receive the token actually meant tt after i grad, i was actually doing something gd and now became useful to the sch.. its actually a very very important moment for me!

ok.. i went on to try to sing.. which i stopped after 3 lines due to a very bad sore throat.. i think pple who went will know tt b4 i went up to the stage i cough like i was going to die la... i kept controlling my cough on the stage.. and i was actually nervous la.. trying to keep it down and try to entertain everyone.. haha... today... hmmz.. let me try to recall names... thanks madel for bringing me water and taking care of me... thanks cherie the counsellor who escorted me ard the whole day who took care of me very well too! and misha and frens for the support? and shernise... haha... for those who i forgot ur name... sorry sorry arh... am really touched to receive all those support today... i love cchsm!!! haha.... going back to sch today really bring back lotsa lotsa memories la... am i was really touched when the cchms pupil cheered for me when i went up the stage.. you know its has always being a fear that when i go on stage no one cheer? no one watches my performance? and today after performance i was so eager that it ended tt i forgot to thank the pupils from chinese drama club who helped me! mei ren yu.. and the one who ask me y prince don wan mei ren yu.... the guy who acted as ding yi for me to act as xiu ming!! i seriously wanna thank you all alot alot... oh yarh.. i think i left my script wif you all right? if u all see this can kindly pass to amelia from 3cr my cousin? hee... i seriously wanna thank u all alot la... don know how to repay the favour today... if i have the time today.. wanna treat you all drinks or food.. too bad today is really a whirlwind visit for me... thanks cchsm!! thanks for letting me have a chance to have the satisfaction that i actually did helped for the construction of the new building... i hereby take a bow to all cchms student who helped me today... all who supported me today... oh yarh.. i took quite some photos today also.. too bad i don have any... i wanna have them la.. to those who took photos wif me today.. can you all kindly email the photos to me? my email is cheng_xi07@yahoo.com.sg.... if wanna add me msn is cheng_xi07@live.com... but msn i will only go online and approve after may 2nd ok? cos exams arh.. so sorry...

plz send me the photos thru email... looking forward to having some of them!! my cousin took video.. am so looking forward to it la!! seriously, although very loh soh.. thanks cchs... for letting me feel like a star... letting me feel useful to the sch.. and letting me getting involve in such a happening event which certainly became the most memorable day of 2008 for me! hee... thanks thanks!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

43th post. (so sorry everyone)

Hereby taking a bow.. so so sorry everyone.. very very sorry... hmmz.. it has been super duper lOooNnngg (long) time since i blogged... N guess wat, the tag board is still active!! touched! really! and finally announcing what hp i buy.. I bought a sony ericsson!!! and of cos also a nokia! i bought 2 phones!! haha.. all in one day... For nokia, i found this seller selling a gd condition 7390 (black and brown) for $200 only.. So i snap it up this afternoon without hesitation... And thanks for advices on sony ericsson, it really open me up to the brand and yet i did some i nv do b4.. I BOUGHT A SLIP PHONE!! haha... its w910i.. yups... the black one.. was considering the red one too thou... i saw it on newspaper today that there is a starhub road show at suntec this weekend and i go there afer dinner straight i bought it straight away too! $38 only! i got $100 voucher... thanks for the advice on how to get the voucher also arh.. haha...

ok... lotsa things to say... hmmmz... lets start from the quiz i mentioned ba..

1st quiz... i did not go... heard its quite easy thou.. i was mugging the previous night and i was feeling really unwell.. when i wake up in the morning i had my asthma attack!! gosh!! i haven had it for like ages that i tot i recover from them already! went to see the doctor and was put on this smoke thingy for me to breathe in.. so far only 1 time when i was really young needed tt... Can't really rest too as tuesday quiz too! mugging again...

Quiz was quite well done!! MCQ thou.. and its chemistry.. which i am worst at! god!! luckily mcq and i am a gd guesser.. i think i will at least got 8 out of 10 la!!! but i guess only la.. haha... but.. i think everyone know how to guess la... there is always 2 answer quite smilar... den of the these 2 smilar answer there are bound to be some clue from the other 2 not smilar answer that matches a bit of one of the smiliar 2.. and most of the time.. its the answer! haha... it has been like tt for so long le... y is it always like tt? haha.. tts y i hate mcq with one of the option being "all of the above".. haha.... after that got a long day in school... After sch i have to feverish feeling...
the fever feel manageable so i juz took some panadol and continue mugging for my paper on but i can be so so wrong... mom took temperature for me.. 38.8... after a while try again, its 39... feeling terrible but i insist on going back sch hostel to continue my studies.. until when i am back.. i finally can't tk it and went to sleep..

when i wake up, my whole body feeling aching.. very painful.. and 1st time my head felt very giddy... i am coughing non-stop too. i hurried to the sch clinic and waited a painful half an hr for doctor... measure temperature again.. 39.3! gosh.. no wonder i feeling terrible la.. doctor gave me medicine and i went back took it and sleep.. miss my 3rd quiz.. Grrhhh.... don care la... felt realy terrible... 2 days mc... i went home and night at recuperate at home... keep sleeping only.. body ache so much that i felt bed-ridden.. just lie down only lor..

realise that got 1 of the module tt i took has no exams so tml have to hand in 7 essay papers and do a presentation as the final grade.. man... i went out for a breather thou.. started doing at midnight... still very sick.. but fever subsides a bit... juz tt is cougher like having TB like tt.. dying... from midnight i write n write.. all the way til 7 am i only completed 6... my eyes go blur.. and cough til vomit blood out... i think the blood from my cough kinda indicated to me tt i really can't go on anymore.. realise that presentation later is very important la!! but i really can't take it.. so i juz went to sleep. leaving 1 paper of 1500 words undone. and presentation too!

was really nervous at the lesson that i were to present... its a voice production class.. therefore projecting of voice is the key... the way of presentation also.. i did wat i always did for my past monor presentations.. go up unprepared... and juz blabber off watever tt comes to my mind.. i hand in the papers to the teacher and admitted that i really can't finish 1 of the papers and i am really sorry... He is super nice.. gave me his email and ask me not to worry or hurry.. email him after i finish can le.. i was super elated la!! and when he do a overview of the presentations done.. he gave me a very high rating.. and heap lotsa superlatives on me... many of the good points like not nervous in front of class... animated face... is wat tt i didn't realise i have n i didn't plan of or rehearse those at all... happy!!! am still feeling very sick thou

i already say on top le la.. aha... wanted to really really thank all of you here alot alot.. xinhui val really got in to the final 3 u know? i was really amazed.. xinhui wan to thank everyone here!! oh... btw... over the week i did a i-weekly cover shoot wif rui en.. i think coming out soon!! its a dream come true thing la!!! i have being reading i-weekly since its olden days of "dian shi guang po zhou kan" and now.. me on its cover!! Super super happy!!!! did a 8-days interview wif my bro too!... hehe... anyway.. its confirm bout the cchsm (now cchms) bazaar thingy... have to sing a couple of songs.. but i am not a singer leh.. can't really hit high notes... hmmz.. don know wat song to sing.. any recommendation? hmmmz... and did you all watch "you are the one"... MY BRO MY BRO... so proud of him.. haha..... support him!! heard he got criticism thou... but "go bro". hee.... i am really touched bout the tag board.. and i really read them all... thanks so much! now very tired le.. going to sleep and rest.. still sick from the cough... medicine making me drowsy... gosh...