Saturday, March 29, 2008

42nd post

bad things don strike once.. i lost my hp yday night.. gosh! anyone who pick it up can plz return to me! u can have the hp.. i juz wan my sim card back! haiz.... don worry everyone.. thanks for all your advices.. seriously... and thanks for responding to my call n get xinhui in the semi-finals.. thanks so much! really really.. thanks!! *bow*

i need some advice regarding hp... ok.. i need to buy a new hp.. but i am totally no clue of wat to buy la.. i use to be using nokia 7390.. black n brown de.. i simply love the phone.. but i can't seem to get it anywhere now.. any idea? i wish to buy back the same leh.. but if i am not buying it back.. thinking between nokia E51, nokia 5310 and nokia 6500c... anyone using these phones?
actually i think E51 looks nice! but i have nv use a E series hp.. i was kinda afraid tt it is like N series like tt.. very slow... anyone know is it fast or stuff? note tt i only list down nokia hp cos i think the other brands not use to it la.. yups! or any other nice recommendation? i like flip phones.. don like slide phone... nokia flip phones? any? hmmz...

and.... i heard bout iphones.. see from hardwarezone selling for $400 only.. is it gd? where to buy? hmmz...


  1. sony ericsson fone is more user friendly thn nokia now...
    try using a diff model will be better

  2. I know nuts about handphone stuff.
    But wouldn't the handphone picker know all your collegues' handphone number?

    Take care! :D

  3. Hmmm... I heard that iphone is not very good as the newspaper mention that it has a high percentage of getting cancer using it.

    As for Nokia E series, my friend who is using it don't recommend us to buy cos it always hang & quite slow.

    So i don't recommend u to buy iphone & Nokia E series hp.

    Why not consider Sony Ericsson hp?
    Actually SE hp is not bad. Easy to use (quite the same as Nokia), it looks nice & stylish as well. Some more SE hp also got quite a number of flip phones. You can choose from Walkman phone (W series) or Camara/Cyber-shot phones (K series).

    Last time i used to have Nokia hp, and i have the same thinking as u thinking that can't get used to other hp brand. But after i change to Sony Ericsson, i keep on sticking to this brand & never go back to Nokia phone. SE phones seldom cause problems that Nokia does. Anyway, i am currently using SE K770i which i feel its not bad.

    You can go to this link for:-

    Sony Ericsson hp


    Nokia hp

    Hope that it helps u to get the phone u like! :)

  4. Haha. You'd be really naive to think people will return you your phone. They can't wait to lay their hands on your SIM card to get all the other artistes' contacts.

    But you poor thing. Better be more careful next time. =)

    There's a China iPhone fake called HiPhone, LOL. $300 at Sim Lim.

    Anyway, I'm not one who watches TV. But you caught my eyes one evening when I saw the trailer of "Just in Singapore".

    I like you. =)

    There are new things to learn every day. And I'm sure you're one who's humble enough to pick them up.

    May the Lord bless you richly. =)

  5. basically i think e51 is not too bad. 1 of my niao fren is using it and he said that the functions are quite gd actually. The wifi system will definitely value add to the phone.

    Flip phone i think nokia's most prominent one will be n76. But from what u said i think u dont have confidence in n series which is also reasonable.

    iphone is a no no. from what i know the bandwidth u will be using is a cracked version. and it is an imported set which means tt if there is any probs with the phone, it will be very diff to get it serviced. and i heard iphone is not totally secured as well.

    so best choice among all listed is e51. quite a nice slick and thin phone for consideration.

  6. my hp is E51.u can use E51 to acess internet for free.really!!i bought it from singtel.but...the other hp shop i'm not sure can acess internet for free.for me i will ask u buy E51.this is my advise

  7. heyy, i happened to land onto ur blog. :) i must say tt i really love ur presence in the show, though i think ur acting skills still needs a lil bit of brushing up. but its already quite gd as a newcomer. :) both my mum n i like u alot. hahah. anyways, im a smu student, gg to 3rd yr. i really admire the way u can balance between work n sch. :) n 9 mods?! its like omg. haha. watever the case is, hang on k? sch will soon be ovr! dont worry too much! im sure u'll pass thru it with breeze. :) tk care n i look forward to seeing u on screen soon! :)

  8. just a suggestion..maybe you should change either ur font or background colour. Coz, reading white on black is quite "dizzy" if you get what I mean..very straining for the eyes.. =) Anyway..get well soon ya!

  9. errr... iphone dont think worth buying~

    cuz costs alot once buy . .
    still have to download its SPECIFICALLY deSignated PROGRAM. . .

    mama... de. . . :x :X
    altho cool lar. .
    see how u view it ba~

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  10. nokia is the best choice ever... i love nokia. well, actually u can try slide phones bcos nokia slide phones are very easy to slide.
    E series got lots of nice functs but sometimes hang.

  11. I think you should try Sony Ericsson... It's faster and more user-friendly.
    If you really want a Nokia phone, N76 and N93i is available.
    Oh yah, and a favour to ask, may I have your email please?