Friday, March 28, 2008

41th post!






Share an experience, got once, i was all alone in a aeroplane to this faraway happy land tt i always wanted to go(don wanna reveal where). I was all alone in the big SIA midnight flight... 5 hours of flight... i think its less den 10 pple in the whole plane... its was dark.. i juz couldn't get to sleep... i look out of the window... i saw the most beautiful scene that i ever experience in my life! a sunrise from above the clouds... initially it was a small rainbow.. den the rainbow grew bigger n bigger... orange skies surrounded it... den a red semi-circle appear... slowly rising, n the rainbow slowly fading away... i am full of excitement! such sight makes mi go wild.. i jumped from my seat, unknowingly said "wah, wah, wah!!!!", full of happiness turn to the other side wanting to share it wif someone but.... the whole stretch is empty.. the front n back row is empty too! it felt like bucket of ice water water suddenly rained on mi.. i turn backed.. the red slowly became orange.. den to daylight... den a thing got stuck into my head forever... wats wif money, wats the happy things or stuff tt u can have... when ultimately.. all u wan is someone u wanted to share all these wif u... which is the most most important thing isn't it?


  1. wow.. that's pretty cool:D
    you should've jumped out of the plane and slide down the rainbow, maybe you will find a pot of gold and some gnomes! xD
    I've had an experience of rainbows but i don't think it was as exciting as the one you've described, but to me, it was still a pretty sight:D

  2. 是因为失恋吗?





  3. hmm..
    i see that u're feeling lonely.
    oops. haha.
    ya lah, money isnt everything.
    you cant buy love, cant buy family bonds, cant buy time.
    but i feel that being happy is the key to success already lah. u might not agree? but ya lor, that's wad i think lah~
    i hope you are happy okay? jia you! dun EMO ah!! haha. xiao yi ge bah~ =D

  4. from the post i can sense tt u r emotional person... u hope the special someone will be there to share everything wit u.... but it is hard to find... it takes the rite time n rite place to meet the rite person... i believe ur will appear soon if u wait for it patiently or the person is already beside u but u juz dun noe... sometime the person is already there but we dun realise it after a long time... look ard n wait is the key... u also got a lot of ppl supporting u... maybe it might be one of them u dun noe... slowly see n look.... anyway stay happi... jia you....

  5. ppl dun treausre until they lose it.. be it who... it can be ur special one ur friends or other.. so live ur life to the fullest everydae is the best.. treasure them... a simple 问候 is enough... but overall is depending on how u think... i am one of ur fans... i wan to see u happi... i hope tt u will be happi...

  6. My work requires me to be on the road very often. Tho' I'm lucky to travel with my colleagues, the feeling of loneliness always seems to be able to creep into me, especially at the airport and in the air. How nice it would be to have someone I cherish sharing all the beautiful sights I see in the countries I've been to...

  7. hahah i always experience that. .
    haix. . fully understand~

    i do experience once when i woke up early morning and saw this kinda scene in the sky! I saw was purple turning blue. . think it was about to become FULL morning~ that was when i was very young so i dont have this kinda feeling. .

    but there was once i showed my best fren RAINBOW. . when she said she never saw rainbow before. .so i just went find a water pipe and splashed water under the sun to show her. . there were alot crazy stuff i wanna share with a special sb . .but regret till now still havent found one. .

    hope you will find one soon too! be happy~~~ :D~

    sign off*

  8. wow,it is nice...