Thursday, March 27, 2008

40th post

I am going ask for help the last time.. plz help..... Xinhui val.... the one tt i asked for help a few times b4? she is at her buddy round at italentstar and most probably... she is going out... i earnestly urge all visitors of my blog to vote for her plz? vote daily until end of the week... becos she once told me "my wish is to go to the intro singapore round".. which is the next round... She really really put in alot of effort... or rather EVERYTHING into italentstar le.. she has also made huge huge sacrifice for it.. and yet.. she is going out.. i posted my msn n 84 pple added me within one n a half day.. i really believe tt wif all ur help, she will get thru... plz help k? If she really does get in.. i promise a night of msn wif u all who added me online and a signature photo each if u all do come to cchsm de bazaar to find mi okok? plz plz help... i juz wanna do this for her... let her fireworks come true... i sincerely hope.......... register n help ba.. thanks....


  1. You're so kind hearted!
    And very sincere in helping her.
    Hope your friend wins.

  2. hi! cheng xi gor, i hav tried 2 vote daily 4 her n even join her fan club! dun sure gt lots of ppl whu support u de will also support her too! as 自己喜欢的偶像请求各位帮忙,大家不会想令偶像失望吧?