Wednesday, March 26, 2008

38th post...

Hmmmz... Decided to step forward and clarify some stuff? cos someone asked mi online.. so to clear some air lor.. haha.. in case pple misunderstand..

I do realise that i have got lotsa criticism n accuse online in the forum... i got nth to say on criticism.. in fact some r quite gd as it made mi think bout wat i acted and how to improve.. i do know that there r bound to be pple who don like mi.. but i do in fact kinda amused at some of the accusation aimed at me by pple who claims to be insider or watever... I am not affected by it but juz to explained so pple don misunderstand mi? hee..

1stly- i keep addressing pple as senior to improve popularity

i don go ard addressing pple as senior... i juz said so bout joanne as my senior when asked in an interview... same sch ok ma.. cos i treat her as role model to be able to manage sch work n acting so well.. cos she did well in sch.. yups.. in fact i would also gladly acknowledge ezann and yahui as my srjc senior/junior too!! haha.. more den happy to do tt.. i don see her acknowledging senior is a plot to improve popularity.. amused..

2ndly- i pull strings...

this is kinda sensitive topic.. i do realise pple sometime to tt i think.. but i can honourly say i nv... although its not wrong to do tt... everyone wans to do well in their industry.. i am a student artiste.. the time i have to film a drama or do entertainment stuff r very limited... i seldom go mcs even! how to pull string? pull string for? haha.. roles that i can't take up due to time contraint? for wat? haha.. if someone wanna teach mi i don mind learning... its not easy i guess... its even said i pull string til i am lead and til aileen is switched.. haha.... humourous! aileen is a great veteran i respect and would be very happy to work wif her? if i can control all these i would be god of the industry liao.. haha!!! i am only newbie la.. where got power.. juz follow instructions lor...

3rdly- i lied bout my sch history

God.. y would i do tt?

4th- i trying to get popular

haha! that is also wrong? i tot all artiste wish to get popular? i juz try to do my drama well and see how it goes ma... whats wrong?

Lastly - someone said 若要人不知,除非己莫为

which is kinda interesting to me.. cos alot of things said by this person who said this is not true.. and from my level of insider point of wrong.. alot r wrong.. but he said he is insider too orh.. unless higher level of info den mi? juz that some r accusing things that i do tt i did not.. haha.. seriously interested in his so called evidence or source ba.. wonder how he get false stuff from don know wat source which is definitely misleading him.. wrong source... haha... i really nv do.... so how he know bout things tt nv happened? i wonder... i think he juz hate mi n trying to get pple to hate mi too! juz my guess? haha

I wanna thank the pple who tried to defend mi online and tried to get verification from mi? thank you! crappy reader, dumbellz etc... no need to argue wif pple who don like mi n juz trying to put mi down la... its ok de.. i am not affected or wat.. hee... we can all look at it and juz laugh it off happily can le... okok? seeing u all getting work up.. haha.. thanks! but no point over such trivial things la.. ok ok? thank you for everyone's concern! hee.. Going home tonight! try to post some photos tonight too! hee


  1. Hi, this is the first time I read ur blog~
    Nice to meet you~

    A lot of people thing you are a pretty face, yes, i admit to that point, but I hope you won't stay at that~

    I've watched your role in Just in Singapore, not bad, the role is not easy, however, the character of the person can't really be defined (Perhaps becuz of the script?)

    Jia you~


  2. Hi, tis is the 1st time i read a blog in detail..n it's yours

    i feel that artistes usually have their difficulties in PR, so dun worry..

    You r very optimistic,is gd sumhow, but tis nt a long run solution..but i aso cant tink of any of idea 4 uu

    Gladly to be you listening ear if u dun mind,e-mail mi=)

    Take cares