Monday, March 24, 2008

37th post!

a pic to share above.. haha.. very ala "se jie" or maybe u can say "zhong guo feng".. haha..

Sorry everyone on the msn part... really can't work.. last time can leh.. haha.. sorry for inconvenience.. have since created a new live passport.. plz add msn as yups.. i think this is correct le.. haha....


  1. Hi is it really u??
    -Or r u a fans???
    -U noe some of them is like tt?!!
    Can I add u on MSN???
    -Is ur friendster really ur's???
    -I really love ur show the on call "Bao Ba Fu Nu Bing" Sry if wrong spelling hor! I dunno how to spell!!!
    -Add mi in friendster and also give mi comments of my blog as no one ever give mi 1!! If can u will b first!!! Ha~

    gtg liao!! bb!!

    lonely gal (Shao Yi)

  2. Hi is tt really u??? can add mi in msn?? pls give mi comments on my blog as no 1 ever give mi 1,if can u will b the first!!! Ha~ Gtg!!! BB!!!

    kind,lonely gal(shao Yi)

  3. today den knoe u got a twin bro.. saw it on chan U , wei wo du zun.
    all da best to both of u in yr acting careers. cheers!

  4. ya lor. .i just add le. .
    hope its u man~ but since this blog is u tell in i-weekly one. . cant be wrong ba~ keke~~

    hope to see u in msn and chat someday man! wahahaha~~~ >u<~~