Saturday, March 22, 2008

36th post!

I realised that the tag board move so fast! some stuff i typed is gone b4 some pple can read them! so i logged on n post lor! haha...

1stly, regarding all the post asking for msn... is i try logging on last night but failed.. will try again soon! yups! whoever wanna add can add!

2ndly, i already chosed the job! i took up the 1k one.. since i need to finance my braces also.. and i think on site.. ok la.. can get the tan i wanted.. sounds interesting.. and most important factor is i wanna be a man of my word. i promised that company 1st and they offered me a attachment job when i needed one most! so yups! i went ahead wif tt lor.. i am actually quite touched bout the advices given! certainly make mi felt the sincerity to help mi in those! thanks so much!

3rdly, if i am not wrong i have 1 scene in the next 2-3 episodes.. den will be coming out not much til epi 25 or 26 arh.. den til the last episode quite alot of mi le! yups! haha...

lastly, thanks to the pple who provided the info on my project! its useful la! really very helpful to mi! thanks so much!

PS: gd night everyone! and have a very gd gd gd gd weekend!


  1. r u sure u can sign in by yahoo email add to MSN messenger?

  2. hei
    r u sure can sign in wif ur yahoo email add to MSN?or yahoo messenger?

  3. So sad 2 c tat I couldn c u in the coming episodes of 'Just in Singapore'...
    Anyway, wish u all the best in ur new attachment in Tuas~ Gambateh!!
    Have a nice day*


  4. haha, all the best for ur job then! tuas is jurong area right? muz jia you for attachment ah! =)
    oh, so u arent appearing for scenes these few days? hmm. sad. haha. k lah. study for ur exams! go go~ xp

  5. hihi Chengxi,
    Juz wanted to say tat ur acting in the Just In Singapore was wonderful,can't wait till the part u will be with Xiuming!!:)Go check out my blog if possible,tagged me oso if possible,hope i am not asking too much,heehee:)