Thursday, March 20, 2008

35th post!

Juz like someone mentioned in the tag board.. out of my 3 character.. ma lu from bai wan bao, li kai zhe from bao bei fu nu bing and su ding yi from yi fang ban ting yi shui gang.. which one u all like best? Although Li kai zhe age same as me.. and same is under-grad, but i feel more for ma lu leh.. i mean.. i think my real life character more like ma lu.. think tt time 1st time act.. actually got a feeling of wanting to do it again.. got areas tt i feel i can improve on.. i think its like 1st love ba.. haha... 1st character.. will feel more for it.. both 3 shows i had so much fun filming la.. i like Li kai zhe too! his determination to find chun chun... Su ding yi i like to way he very xiao1 sa3.. Ma lu, i like his way of going all the way to protect the gal he love... kinda.. haha.. so which one u all like best?

Anyway.. am facing a dillema now.. i will be going on attachment (industrial orientation) this coming may to july.. now got 2 company offers.. 1 pay 1k a mth going on construction site do foundation and soil stuff.. another 1 pay $600 going to office n do office work.. hmmz... the 1k one is at tuas! very far!! The 600 one is at Sin ming only.. near to my house.. hmmz... office work like more relax hor.. but additional $400 per mth leh! tts alot la! can use to finance my instalment for braces.. hmmz... how how? haha.. suggestions?


  1. choose the one which u find it more convenient..but for me i will choose the one nearer.. cos time wise .. u travel so far. further more u always nt enf slp.. so it will come to square one.. if u forsake ur slp for ur installment nt worth it oso.. =) hows your braces? *CHEERS*


  2. Hello chengxi, I like every role u act in.
    ma lu - very chi qin
    Lin kai zhe - very kind
    Su dingyi - very cute but in the role, your age is very far frm ur look lor(age 30). Was shock when ur mum hong huifang(in the role)said it to carol..shock..LOL..haha

    I realized from those 3 roles, those girls u fall in love wif in the roles are mostly

    As for the work, if I were you, I may think alot first before I make the decision.

    1st: You need to calc how many is your transport fare per mth if you are taking bus, taxi or mrt to the $1000 work place plus nowaday taxi fare increasing. As if you are going to ride your bike, you need to calc your petrol all those. Then u minus the transport fare from your $1000, see how much is left over then compare them to the $600 job, see which 1 left the most after deducting the transport fare for both job.

    2nd: You need to think about how early you need to wake up if you chose to work at Tuas.
    Are u willing to xin shen your sleep?

    3rd: which job u most interested or suitable for you?

    Hope my suggestions do help you.

    Btw wat your course in NTU study abt? Is it stress to study in NTU?
    You are in which year rite now?
    oh ya, u haven reply mi regarding ani new show by you cuming soon.


  3. erm... for me i will choose the 1k job! cos i think sure can have a lot of experiance there ;p
    btw, where is sin ming ? ha....
    Hope u can make ur decision soon....

  4. Hi do u mine giving me your email 帅哥 ?thanks and ur profile + posts are very nice =]i will continue to support u !!

  5. CX,
    actualy u hav ur own decision ed, i think...
    may be u can use PMI ( to make ur decision
    further more, i think u wont be in this industry in future time..^^ but wil continue wif ur YUAN YI SHI YE
    so that is a good trial for u to work in TUAS juz for an experience lor
    good luck then~

  6. at the end of juz in singapore
    u wid who?

  7. er...although i`m a student and younger than alot....i think you should choose de office work as de construction work, foundation work does not seem suitable for you at all..i like ur character in just in singapore most as ur acting is veri good and ur smile is veri natural!u also work well with fiona...btw..can i have ur hotmail?my hotmail is you reply soon!!:)

  8. I feel kinda weird leaving u a comment on ur blog but happened to stumble upon ur blog cos of an "interesting" thread on MCS forum.

    Anyway, just wanted to advice u as a guo lai ren in Civil Engin (which I deduced u're doing it to based on ur description of ur attachment)...

    I think u shld take up the $1k job because on site attachment are always more interesting than office attachments, and u gain more experience too, unless u're just going for attachment for the sake of fufilling ur requirements, then office work no harm.

    I thought of saying on site experience also lets u gauge if u wanna do on site jobs or office jobs in the future, but I realised it's not applicable to u, haha.

  9. think u r better at acting su ding yi.
    take cares... wadeva u do i think ur fans will support u... all the best