Wednesday, March 19, 2008

34th post!

yday night i watched "The legend" dvd til 4 am.. missed my morning class cos can't wake up.. oh... haiz... 1 hr of lecture missed.. bad student here arh.. but i finish the whole drama le.. exams in less den a mth! got to buck up!! haha..

Anyway... noticed some dispute on some forum bout my schs n stuff... which some of the accusation n comments r rather farnie to mi! haha... ok.. i am born in 1984.. went to pri sch when i was 6 at MEE TOH PRI... den went on the Chung cheng high (main) for sec sch... follow a short brief at outram institute for 1st 3 mths where its like so so much fun la! after 1st 3 mths i went on to srjc... after As i go army n now ta da! i am in ntu!! haha... yups! hope it clears some misunderstandings... haha.... thinking y my bro lag behind mi by 1 year? hmmz.. sorry to say... he retained during his year 1 at jc... yups!

And... as promised the previous time showing some pics i took in korea.. that was long time ago using film.. so have to scan.. thats y not much only a few.. haha.. process of scanning very mah fan ma.. yups!!


  1. when r all this photo taken...(year) (a fan of ur's)

  2. Heex,from your olden days photo u just scan change so much(:

    Now,heex^^Can say better looking..

    Sporty Jana